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4 Customer Reviews


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Philip Added 7 months ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin This review is for a different branch.
August 30, 2019 20190830210136

Uninterested and would say only want your payment


Jennifer Roberts Scarborough Office was uninterested with little or no empathy in what I and my husband had to say. Showed her paperwork but glanced and pushed it back across the desk. Was in a maximum of 11.5 minutes for £150 and came out none the wiser unless we wanted to pay more, would have got more reaction talking to the brick wall. Used Thorpe and Co before but because of this instance would sadly put go somewhere else. We came out feeling mugged although the receptionist was lovely.

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JOHN Added 7 months ago Report to admin This review is for a different branch.
August 10, 2019 20190810151710

Philip Sainsbury was first class


Used Philip Sainsbury at the Filey office in July 2019 for a sale and purchase. He was first class, prompt replies and thorough work on leases. It was the other parties solicitors who were not of his standard and who made him shine. He was a pleasure to deal with.

Solicitor named in this review: Philip Sainsbury

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Stephen Added 1 year ago 4 found this helpful Report to admin This review is for a different branch.
November 09, 2018 20181109012514



This Grubby little outfit handled my mother’s estate,she was 91 years old and not of sound mind,repeating herself every 5 minutes,they adopted a long established will failing to notice that circumstances regarding two minor age recipients residency status had altered and there was no way children could receive their inheritence,in fact they went out of their way to show how my mother’s wishes could not be fulfilled,the stress and strain caused to our family by their incompetence is yet to be established and the monies they apparently intend to hold,this is an open matter and my opinion only,but at present they seem he’ll bent to protect their interests only putting themselves first,forbidding their Filey office from communicating in writing with little interest in finding an amicable solution,draw your own conclusion

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Chrissy Added 1 year ago 3 found this helpful Report to admin This review is for a different branch.
August 01, 2018 20180801150320

They are worthless


Dont go to thorpe and co solicitors in Scarborough, because they are useless and not helpful and rely on the police to sort matters out. My partner was requesting some paper work to be given to him that his solicitor said he was entitled to last year. But now it has been denied and have been lied to and spoken to inappropriately. They are suppose to be helpful and patient well they are ain't and they terminate call every min if they don't like the what they are hearing or if you wanna speak to the manager.

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