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Elizabeth Added 1 month ago Report to admin
December 13, 2019 20191213185736



If considering applying for legal aid assistance with your case there appears to be no understanding of the use of bank transfer transactions via telephone banking recorded on bank statements - which they request therefore definitely not advisable! A crash course in modern technology/banking is needed! I was totally shocked at the aggressive attitude/ accusations and inability to understand basic maths!

Reason behind this statement:-
I pay all monthly direct debit accounts (to five different accounts each week) via my mobile on receipt of a state pension amount so that by each different direct debit date ,there is enough to pay each bill.Seems clear enough to me but definitely not to Gregsons!

Sometimes money is moved backwards and forwards in tiny amounts to the main account to enable a ten pound cash machine withdrawal if enough has accumulated and or top up via transfer to any any accounts short of a full direct debit amount for the payment date.

The attitude which won't be described, was horrendous and extremely frustrating due to it being impossible to explain modern banking without being classed as someone receiving cash from elsewhere!

- Utterly shocking lack of any understanding of how poorer people in this world having to juggle money between accounts in order to survive.It is now the norm to class everyone as dishonest which I am not.

It was more than shocking to experience such alarming unprofessional treatment caused not by myself a potential client, but by a nil understanding of financial difficulty and methods of coping with this on a weekly basis.

Wouldn't return to a legal practice like this.Shocking!

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