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Pam Added 3 years ago 3 found this helpful Report to admin
April 23, 2017 20170423093202

not great


Matter Type: Remortgaging

they prat about and don't send mortgage offers promptly, then when the old mortgage company refunds you £700, Eversheds banks it and doesn't tell you! That's theft in my book.
It was only more than a month later I questioned the old mortgage company about a sum on the statement *they* told me it was money they were repaying to me and it was usual practice to send it to the solicitor who would pay it out. It seems they must be *all* at this scam. Either pay the cheque into their bank and keep schtum, or pay it in, keep schtum for months, getting *your* interest, and then paying it to you when you create enough stink , as I am about to do..
Perhaps their current good reviews are a result of extreme emotional trauma being resolved . People would praise the devil himself if he kept a family member out of jail or resolved a scary legal issue.
What excuse is there for keeping someone's money , not telling them it's due, then when they phone up about it, tell them "don't worry, it was a mistake, we'll send you a cheque once it clears".
Eversheds has the only bank where a cheque has taken more than a month to clear. So now I have to go down the small claims route, which will be easy for me, but embarrassing for them. Luckily, being autistic, I am meticulous about crossing Ts and dotting Is and getting the evidence I need.
Watch out Eversheds, here I come. No steals from *me* and gets away with it.

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Simon Added 5 years ago 3 found this helpful Report to admin This review is for a different branch.
July 06, 2015 20150706002852

Good advice but typically overpriced and then some!


Matter Type: Separation

Used these guys to help keep my wife's hands off my estate. Used Louise who was polite and knowledgeable. Her advice saved me over 500K and most importantly put a tick in the win column for me. Overall I would recommend although you will be charge for every little thing! I think a simple hello, how was your weekend cost me £50!

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