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December 04, 2020 20201204113947

Nicole Humphreys is everything you could want in an employment solicitor (as an employer or employee)


Matter Type: Settlement Agreements

Nicole's approach from the first day to the last was clear, professional, honest, friendly and professional. Her writing skills are particularly strong, with the ability to deliver a fair punch as needed. Thanks to Nicole's skills and a bit of steely will on my side, I received a payout 5 times more than the company's original very small offer.

I always knew where I stood on the case with Nicole. I appreciated her frankness and input from a legal point of view. Even when the other side got a bit catty in a couple of messages, Nicole kept the bar high.

I can't say I don't feel like the fees added up quickly but that's more because I've not used advice like this before and the other side took a while to increase their offer. With the outcome we received, retaining Nicole was still worth every penny. Her fees only worked out a small percentage of my payout which I couldn't have got without her. We've always believed in paying for quality services and Nicole is worth it, and probably cheaper than many of the large firms too.

I am not sure anyone ever thinks they will be in a position to need a solicitor but I know if I ever even end up in a grey area again, I will be contacting Nicole for advice and probably even earlier in the process so I can gain an understanding of my legal position. Although I retained Nicole as an individual party, I am 100% confident she would represent any company well too.

Nicole was recommended to us by a HR services organisation, and I'm so grateful the organisation knew her.

Solicitor named in this review: Nicole Humphreys

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