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4 Customer Reviews


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Alan Added 3 weeks ago Report to admin
May 22, 2019 20190522083439

A joke - and not very funny!


Sadly there is no zero rating available! I have been on the receiving end of this organisation(????)'s apparent administrative chaos. Before completion of my property purchase, I paid my solicitor advanced leasehold fees (due to my new property's Estate Management company) who then transferred the money to Gorvins. 7 months later, in the absence of any acceptable reason, they still hadn't passed on the fees despite numerous requests to do so. So badly do I feel they had conducted their part of the process, I have filed a complaint report to the Solicitor's Registration Authority. I personally wouldn't trust this outfit with the conveyancing on a doll's house. I expect the usual polite platitudes from the moderator of these posts and will be pleasantly surprised and relieved when they have finally met their obligations.

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Tochi Added 1 month ago Report to admin
May 17, 2019 20190517210440

Excellent Professional Service, thanks To Jan!


rofessional Service
Gorvins is the best solicitors I have encountered for Conveyancing. I have worked with Jan Makara on this particular property and his service was professional, very polite, swift and exceptional. He kept me informed throughout the process, chased for documents appropriately, etc. When he went on leave just before completion, his handover to his colleague, Safear, was seamless. Safear in turn turned out to be just as lovely and helpful too. Jan returned from leave and completed without any delay to the agreed timeline.
Previously, I’d dealt with Sobiah Khan and she was also very professional and lovely. She put my interest first and gave valuable advice.
Gorvins definitely has very great staff. I will continue to use them and will definitely recommend them to friends and family.

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Wesley Added 2 months ago Report to admin
April 18, 2019 20190418144750

Fantastic Solicitors, special thanks to Ellie!!


Personally, I dread dealing with solicitors, however, Ellie at Gorvins made the entire process completely seamless.

I found her professionalism and constant communication refreshing. I would definitely use Gorvins again and would certainly recommend that you do the same.

What ever you do make sure to get Ellie on the case, she knows what she is doing and will endeavour to keep in contact with you.

Thank you Ellie and thank you Gordins!!!!!

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Annarickman Added 5 months ago Report to admin
January 03, 2019 20190103224332

Terrible experience.


Not great. Very slow and unprofessional.

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