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2 Customer Reviews


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Nina Added 1 year ago Report to admin
June 27, 2019 20190627145645

Proper advice, tailor made contracts & great presentation during tribunal


I started using the services of Ms Fagbemiro back in 2016 after my accountant advised me and let me tell you I had to look no further. I already had a company I was paying for advice, however it didn't always satisfy my requests, because it was way too general and I needed something else for my specific business needs. I requested different contracts for my employees and contractors and those were made for me with peculiar precision. I still do contact Ms Fagbemiro for advice and more.

In 2017 I was led to a tribunal by a mystery man. The whole situation was extremely shocking and I am glad that Ms Fagbemiro was by my side dealing with all that nonsense and acting like a lioness to protect me. She asked me way more questions than my imagination would have ever been able to produce. She was realistic about the outcome and quite honest and open about fares, even though she would have earned more if we proceeded to a hearing. She spent hours with me on the phone about it and the case was eventually ended.

Yes, I may spend a pound every now and then, but I can't imagine dealing with another solicitor anymore. And that is not because I hadn't tried to, but because they do not want to get into detail.

Thank you Esther, please continue with your great work! You do help my business and my mental health and that is precious!

Miss Merry Ltd

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Nathan Added 1 year ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
May 31, 2019 20190531125509

Employment contract and a staff handbook.


Recently we engaged the services of Achor Employment Law Ltd to complete an employment contract and a staff handbook.

To say that I am delighted with the work completed would be an understatement.

Esther is an absolute delight to work with, I admire her professionalism, complete knowledge of the law and how she helped me to understand how my contracts can affect both myself and my staff.

Esther listened to my needs and understood them at once, I never had to repeat myself and as soon as Esther had gained that knowledge, everything that we discussed after that point was perfectly related to these.

My objective was to ensure that my team come to work in a small, supportive, business but with the administrative set up of a blue chip company, that has been achieved to an extent that in many cases our legal set up now probably exceeds many FTSE 100 firms.

I wholeheartedly recommend Esther and will continue to work with Achor Employment Law Ltd as our business grows because I know that I will be supported by a complete expert in her field.

The experience from start to finish was excellent and the value that I received was outstanding

Thank you again Esther, I’m SO grateful.

Nathan Kelsey

Solicitor named in this review: Esther Fagbemiro

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