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2 Client Reviews


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Sandra Added 1 month ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
January 05, 2021 20210105223603

Would not recommend this company


Matter Type: Inheritance Act claims

I have been extremely frustrated with this company they never call you back they do not respond to e mails make excuses not to speak to you 18 months on and still awaiting for my inheritance to be sorted 18 months ago I was contacted by tracing direct to say I have an inheritance to claim dilwyns solicitors were their solicitors they use their customer service is appaulling they really don't care how they treat you and I would never recommend this firm of solicitors they never apologise they take their time in finalising the situation hence still awaiting very annoyed and it has been so frustrating to deal with such a company sent 4 emails no response called again today and no response how rude they really and truly do not give a damm

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Alison Added 4 years ago 26 found this helpful Report to admin
January 07, 2017 20170107172421



Matter Type: Purchase and Sale

Even though we got there in the end, I am extremely disappointed with the service that we received.

I always believed that it was a solicitor's duty to help, guide and support you through the process of buying / selling a house. Staff were dismissive, rude and made you feel that you were an inconvenience to them.

You're supposed to be on my side, supporting and guiding me. Reactive not proactive, sitting and waiting until we chased something up then became very annoyed, almost that we dare do this.

Different tone when we gave them money though.

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