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2 Customer Reviews


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Andrea Added 1 year ago 11 found this helpful Report to admin This review is for a different branch.
January 25, 2019 20190125165721

Dreadful don’t even consider


I went to a solicitor to do the probate for my fathers estate even though it was very straightforward as I have a busy job and have also not been well. There was no property a few savings accounts with the same bank a life policy and some premium bonds. The first hurdle came when trying to verify my brothers identity- he lives in France in a village and has a very simple address which according to Hibberts wasn’t good enough even though I repeatedly tried to explain that’s all there was. 5 months later they eventually got probate. At this point they stated that was the end of their work. Whilst there was a contract it was not clear they would not be collecting the funds. They sent me a random bunch of papers with no breakdown of how monies had been spent and no will. When I attended the bank I had to start all over again proving mine and my brothers identity. Also as they also hadn’t been sent the will we had a further wait whilst this was requested. Then the NSI wouldn’t deal with me as they hadn’t been informed of the solicitor no longer acting. Even when I complained I was fobbed off with excuses. I had to chase throughout the process to get anything moving forward and it took 3 requests to get the final information and will to enable me to complete. All that hassle for 7 months and £1200 pounds. Don’t touch with a barge pole

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John Added 2 years ago 13 found this helpful Report to admin This review is for a different branch.
April 03, 2018 20180403110137

Bad experience


Claudia Price was my original solicitor, despite having a meeting with Ian Hamilton Faye, felt hood winked as I thought Ian was going to be my solicitor and I was impressed by what he said.
Relationship with Claudia was very good and could not fault her for her help.
Claudia has since left hibberts, and I was passed to Andrea Bedon, I was not aware that Andrea was part time and it would take days to get a reply.
I spoke to Andrea that I had concerns regarding her response time and part time status. Andrea I felt was very condescending, churlish and felt her right to act this way is she has 40 years experience.
I did not feel that Andrea 40 years experience has helped in anyway, it was just line stated to give her position gravitas. To me it does matter if it’s 40 years or 4 mins experience, if you don’t reply to your client it counts for nothing.
I switched to Poole and Alcock, paid in full the balance outstanding with hibberts to release the file. Despite this Andrea is refusing to let any part of the file to my new solicitor. The payment has left my account over a week ago, but Andrea has maintained her position of being none helpful at a crucial part of my case.
Overall the experience started really well and finished badly with the solicitor Andrea Benson trying to work against me.

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