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Charlie Added 1 year ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
August 27, 2018 20180827171552



I was with zest legal through the insurance company. I was injured in a motorcycle accident. An old lady on a straight road going 50 to 60 miles smashed into me from behind while I was sitting in traffic and letting a driver out of the side street about a min and 40 seconds after I stopped. My both arms where holding the handle bars one hand holding the clutch the other was on the rev. when the old lady smashed into me I flew back and landed on to her car then she pressed the breaks and I hit the floor. The damage was two shoulder, right elbow, spine C8 lower, back, neck, and knee. When I went to hospital they were only interested in my right shoulder and nothing else. I was on morphine at the hospital the ambulance couldn’t find a vain. When I arrive at the hospital they gave me morphine and put my right shoulder in sent me home with Codeine 30/500mg 2 x 4 times a day and naproxen 500mg take 1 x 3 times a day. Because I was on morphine I didn’t realise anything was wrong the next morning when the morphine run out my system I felt so much pain especially around the elbow area so I asked my wife to have a look, when she looked she saw a hole so we rushed back to the hospital and all day done was bandaged it. The accident happened on 19 November 2015 and now we are in 2018. It took a while before they done an operation on my right shoulder by then my elbow swollen as I sent the solicitors the pictures. When I said to the doctor what’s this in front of my wife about my elbow he said that could happen by putting your hand on your face while your elbows on the table. I my wife look at each other as to say what the you are talking about. The doctor was Asian I knew at that point I wasn’t safe with this cowboy doctor so I went home and made a complaint to the hospital about him. My stomach up so I went to the hospital and they said my stomach lining damage and I should be on omeprazole 20mg with these tablets. Alarm bells started to ring so I had a go at zest legal and I told them I’m a dangerous person if I snap they will be big trouble. My wife couldn’t take it no more and had a breakdown and left me. I’ve been with her for 26 years. They done an operation on my right arm and put anchors in side. 2 year later they done a key hole surgery on my left arm and said I’m putting it down to arthritis. I knew this wasn’t right so I did the unusual and changed my solicitor I went on the website called national accident helpline, they found me a solicitor and it was recommended by them on the 25 may 2018 at 15:21 hours. I called SSB Law when I spoke to them they said we will get you a good solicitor and they handed me to a guy called Craig Gravil. After two months I heard nothing then I rang my old solicitor who was help full and they said oh the papers they had it for 6 weeks now they should have started the procedures, at this point my bloods boiling. Then I received an email from Craig Gravil saying this. Dear Mr Murad Re: Your Personal Injury Claim Your file has now been allocated to me to deal with. My name is Craig Gravil and I am a Solicitor. My hourly charging rate is £201.00. Please note that I am obliged to inform you about any changes to the charging rate, but all costs will be recovered under the terms of the Conditional Fee Agreement. I will be conducting a full review of your file and will contact you in due course to give you a full update regarding your claim. If you have any queries regarding your claim in the meantime then please contact me on 0114 241 3975 or email me at Please update any contact details you have stored in your mobile phone to my direct details so that you get through to me with any queries. Yours sincerely, Craig Gravil I acknowledge receipt of your email and your termination of our instructions. No further work will be carried out on your file. The hard copy file will now be returned to your previous solicitors. You need to be aware that the limitation date (the date upon which court proceedings must be filed/issued to prevent it from being statute barred/out of time) is the 19.11.18. Yours faithfully Craig Gravil

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Jeremy Added 1 year ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
April 25, 2018 20180425085049

Poor service


There only interested in easy cases where they can get 30% of your payout for doing as little as possible. Solicitor I was dealing with advised me to get barristers opinion before they would take on case but didn't tell me that I should of got a medical report before obtaining barristers opinion . When I phoned solisitor to discuss she was very condescending didn't listen to what I was saying then had nerve to try and charge me for a call that lasted a long time because she was constantly arguing with me. They have made me waste £1400 getting a useless barristers opinion.

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philip Added 2 years ago 5 found this helpful Report to admin
July 15, 2017 20170715105606

stay clear of these thiefs


Been a year and a half since the accident and i am still waiting for a court case to be set. I have a witness and the third party does not. They never collected it for over 4 months, their excuse was that they mixed my statement up with my witness statement. Been multiple complaints since the beginning, Mr Jeremy Brookes was supposed to review this case over 10 weeks ago. He is the director so this goes all the way to the top. have had to involve the ombudsman because this company has let me down in every aspect . Honestly never even heard of a company with such little regard for its customers. Their bill stand at £2700 and they also want 25% of my claim. I am only expecting £2000. THEIFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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philip Added 2 years ago 4 found this helpful Report to admin
March 23, 2017 20170323160411

worst service ever


took over three months of receiving my case to contact my witness . told to pass on witness details to third party but never did. refuse to return emails and phone calls. all in all worst service i have ever had.stay away .

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Adrian Added 3 years ago 9 found this helpful Report to admin
December 08, 2016 20161208203457

All about the money


This company in my opinion were only interested in one thing MONEY....

I was left feeling betrayed and used by SSB

Without doubt my experience left me feeling exploited and used when I was at my lowest and most vulnerable.
There was no empathy and the costs incurred were extortionate
When challenged on costs they were indignant and bullying.

Divorce is an awful time for anybody, but when you have to battle with the very people who are supposed to be on your side it makes it one hundred times worse.


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Sandra Added 3 years ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
June 20, 2016 20160620100223

Supportive and helpful


After problems with my marriage I turned to SSB to see what would happen if we were to divorce. They were quick and helpful, which was all the better as eventually things have improved and it's no longer an issue. Thanks.

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Verified Barbara Added 3 years ago 3 found this helpful Report to admin
February 27, 2016 20160227075546

Don't give up


If you are right ,don't dive up. It is important that you find a good lawyer and you will win,
SSB law is very good and efficient firm and they listen to you. My case was for over a year with a firm recommended by union, I needed to chase them ,to be updated and at the end they were acting like on my employer site not mine. I was not happy but now I am very happy. SSB law achieved good result in less than three months.

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Verified Sylvia Added 4 years ago Report to admin
December 21, 2015 20151221142352



From the first telephone conversation I found them extremely helpful.While I was putting together my Will if I had any concerns I would just ring and they always responded immediately and we're able to show me the right direction in which to help me complete my Will.

A representative from Ssb Group Limited responded to this review on 24 December, 2015

Thank you Sylvia. Although we have worked hard to reduce the cost of a will we have worked equally hard to make sure that our levels of service don't drop. I dleighted to see that we are achieving that. Jeremy Brooke

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Verified Doris Added 4 years ago Report to admin
December 17, 2015 20151217075023

employment law


I felt satisfaction with the customer service

A representative from Ssb Group Limited responded to this review on 18 December, 2015

Thank you for your feed back. I'm delighted that you rated us well overall - but disappointed at the one star for approachability. Please let me know what it was that caused you to feel that way. Jeremy Brooke

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Verified Stephen Added 4 years ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
December 10, 2015 20151210220036

oreyt these r


Excellent service just like a can of ronseal do exactly what they say

A representative from Ssb Group Limited responded to this review on 18 December, 2015

Love the Yorkshire endorsement "oreyt these r" - thank you Jeremy Brooke

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