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172 Customer Reviews


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Zola Added 9 months ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
February 14, 2019 20190214220821

Got there in the end, but you really do have to chase!


Perhaps we were just unlucky but our experience with Davisons Weoley Castle, was a rollercoaster to say the least!

One reason why we went with Davisons is their cross-the-board positive reviews across a raft of different web sites. Moreover being fairly local to us it meant we could keep in contact with them face to face, should the need arise.

To be fair to Davisons our house sale did fall within the given time-span of a typical house sale - which for us was around 3 months from offer to exchange; and some of the delays were caused by the buyer's third party - something of which Davisons had no influence over. But I think the main cause of concern for us was the lack of voluntary communication from their side. Instead we had to regularly phone or email for updates (not on a daily basis, but at least weekly); and even then some of the information was a bit ambiguous and not all that reassuring.

They do have an online tracking widget (at a cost to you of £6), which covers the main steps of the legal sale process, but even now - almost 2 weeks after Completion - it is still incomplete with many steps at the "processing" stage!

All told, we managed to complete on the allotted date, and both parties were content with that. Davisons did their best for both buyer and seller, but I think more solid communication would be welcomed.

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Verified Sandra Added 11 months ago Report to admin
November 23, 2018 20181123211228

House sale


Professional and really helpful going the extra mile on the sale of our property

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Verified Simon Added 1 year ago Report to admin
October 30, 2018 20181030191155

A superb service from start to finish


I can not fault the conveyancing service we have recently received on our house sale and purchase. Sue was exceptionally thorough keeping us up to date with regular conveyancing notes and Claire coached us through the whole process professionally and with kindness. Claire consistently turned around queries very quickly and kept the whole process moving.

Thank you QS Davison’s at Weoley Castle!!

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Verified Harvinder Added 1 year ago Report to admin
October 08, 2018 20181008114444

property purchase


Very good team, big thank you to Ishrat.

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Verified Raymond Added 1 year ago Report to admin
October 02, 2018 20181002170319

House purchase


Excellent service in every respect. Professional, thorough and helpful. Kept updated on progress regularly via phone or email. Can’t fault this company

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Raymond Added 1 year ago Report to admin
October 02, 2018 20181002162739

House sale


Excellent service in every respect. Thorough, very helpful and understanding. Good updating of progress and phone contact. Very professional and polite staff .

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Verified Susanna Added 1 year ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
September 30, 2018 20180930140554

Fair service and price


This was a sale without time pressure - legal services were fair.They provided services for me to sell only.
They dealt with the obvious questions put quite a lot passed through to me as this was a HMO property. Because the sale took some time (my choice) I wasn't always sure who the right contact points were in the office as they changed .

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Verified John Added 1 year ago Report to admin
September 14, 2018 20180914210045

House sale


This is the second time we have used Quality Solicitors Davisons and again we can not fault them they are very thorough and their prices are very competitive we are also very impressed of the Solicitors assistants and can usually answer our inquiries or point us in the right direction once again 10/10

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Verified Andrew Added 1 year ago Report to admin
August 31, 2018 20180831222558

Ish is a hidden gem


We purchased a house with this company Ish was amazing highly recommend

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Verified Andrew Added 1 year ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
August 31, 2018 20180831201119

Long Winded and little information


Put an offer in on a house which was advertised as vacant possession by the estate agents. Offer was accepted however we were not initially informed that the owner had passed away and the executor of the estate was awaiting probate. 26 weeks to complete and at each and every hurdle we had to contact our solicitor for an update.
We fully appreciate that their were issues with the seller being granted probate however what we do not accept is the time and inconvenience we spent is chasing our solicitor and the sellers solicitor through the estate agents as no one seemed to take ownership for the lack of documents and outstanding queries on the property throughout the buying process.
I feel communication was poor and our solicitor could have been more vigourous and assertive in her approach in obtaining answers to outstanding queries so we could have compleated sooner.
It almost felt that we were paying at times for incompetence.
Even from our initial welcome email it was wrong as we had been assigned two solicitors based in two different branches.
We have now compleated but I would not use Quality Solicitors Davisons again.

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