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3 Customer Reviews


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Hedley Added 4 months ago Report to admin
April 01, 2020 20200401115209

Amazing, speedy 'commercial' conveyance!


Asead Yakoob, principal solicitor at this firm, is cut from a different cloth than any other lawyer I have ever had dealings with - in contrast to others he is unremitting in his energy and drive to complete your task. I had estimates of 3-4 weeks to complete a (fairly complex) conveyance. Asead completed it on the seventh day after I first spoke to him. He works like 'greased lightening' and he copies you in to every e-mail he sends on your business so you are always up-to-date with the state of the transaction. Not the cheapest quote nor the most expensive - but very, very reasonable by comparison in view of his determination to complete your business with utmost urgency - worth every penny. Thank you Asead!

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Suki Added 10 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
October 18, 2019 20191018122427

House Completion


Asead and Jacob Law team was recommended through friends, who spoke very highly of the
professionalism of the company, and we can honestly say the efficient, fast, and smooth service was excellent, the purchase was completed very quickly, Asead & Jorawar kept us updated at all times. would definitely recommend Jacob Law Solicitors Ltd

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Natalia Added 1 year ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
August 06, 2019 20190806144254

Completion of House Sale


Asead and Jacobs Law team had assisted me during sale of my flat. They are very professional and extremely helpful along this very long and not an easy journey!
I have been probably one of the most difficult customers they had and have been asking million questions daily, they were always happy to respond to all my enquiries and patiently replied to each and every email! (Jorawar was also super helpful!)
Would definitely recommend them !

Solicitor named in this review: Asead Yakoob

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