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334 Client Reviews


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Jackie Added 2 days ago Report to admin
April 14, 2021 20210414134152

Excellent service


Matter Type: Driving without insurance

I highly recommend Patterson law They have been extremely helpful and professional in dealing with my sons motoring offence
Their fees are reasonable and clearly defined
They maintain good communication throughout the process and explain all the stages well It has been very reassuring having them involved during this potentially stressful situation
Thank you to all staff involved with our case especially Kris Nichols

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Johnson Added 1 week ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
April 08, 2021 20210408175604

Driving matter


Matter Type: Appeal driving conviction

To be honest, initially it was doubtful that my driving ban could be reduced. But massive thanks to Patterson law who graciously helped me to achieve this. Even though, I introduced my brother already, I will not hesitate to introduce any friend or family in future. Many thanks.

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Roger Added 1 week ago Report to admin
April 07, 2021 20210407184402

Excellent service


Matter Type: Legal aid

I contacted Patterson Law for a personal legal matter, which they dealt with fully and to my complete satisfaction.
Jessica Dolan was in regular contact, she was thorough and helpful, and has resolved the matter with minimal effort from me.
Many thanks for the great service.

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Matt Added 1 week ago Report to admin
April 07, 2021 20210407172948

Very Helpful will definitely use if I ever need them


Hillery and her team Paterson Law..were very prompt in replying to me considering it's Easter Holidays, I like how they send you a nice email first then call you, I was very overwelm with the another court letter ✉️ even though I was already banned, Hillery and her team were very calm and very logical about the situation, wished I found out about them last year I really think they would of prevented me from being banned. Anyway with there advice and instruction a good solution was found on this occasion regarding this current situation.

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Justin Added 1 week ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
April 07, 2021 20210407164014

Highly recommend Patterson Law to everyone.


Matter Type: Legal aid

I was recommended to use this company when I was stopped for speeding and faced a possible driving ban or points on my licence. I was immediately put at ease by their calm, professional and knowledgeable approach. Jason Rosser was my case progression officer and he has been outstanding, with his updates, knowledge and expertise. I visited court and Patterson Law arranged for their barrister to represent me and put forward a strong water tight case which could not have been done without Jason's help. The court have now dropped the case against me, however I would not hesitate to contact Patterson Law or recommend them to anyone else in the future. Thank you to all concerned.

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Paul Added 1 week ago Report to admin
April 06, 2021 20210406205559

Possible traffic ban ( 12 points )


Matter Type: Speeding offences

Contacted through website and had professional advice and follow up from Ann Farbrother and Mia Ashton with regards possible Court Action should it arise. They assured me from day one that they would assist me with any concerns. As it happened the Police didn’t complete their action within the timeframe but would not hesitate to contact Patterson Law should I require legal representation in the future

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Izabela Added 2 weeks ago Report to admin
March 30, 2021 20210330181125

Highly recommended to everyone


Matter Type: Speeding offences

I had great experience with the team. Natasha was my legal advisor. Firstly I called free helpline and gave all the details of my case. Secondly Natasha - legal advisor called me same day ,already with solution and advised what to do. She calmed me down and explained everything step by step. By the end I didn’t pay a single penny for it and resolved the problem I had. Now I am sure my case will be sorted without any serious consequences. Thank you Natasha and Paterson Law Limited

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Per Added 2 weeks ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
March 30, 2021 20210330153713



Patterson Law worked my case on avoiding a totting ban following a speeding offense. Whilst I take responsibility for committing the offense and even not arguing whether I should indeed have had a 6 months driving ban, it is the misleading communications and outright pathetically bad barrister that they appointed me which brings me to writing a review. If you have ever read the Secret Barrister which describes the absurd ineptitude and lack of interest barristers can exhibit, you'll basically have a read a description of patterson law and the barristers they choose to work with.

On the day of the hearing -- when the barrister looked at the mitigation we had been working on for months (10 minutes before the hearing), he described it as not "having a chance" and "I don't know what patterson law have told you, they always try this thing and will never work"... I knew then that I had just wasted my money even trying in the first place.

As we then entered the court room, he mumbled a few things after which the judges instead asked me to take the oath in order to communicate with me directly as he seemed to have lost interest by this point. Suffice to say my own defence didn't fly (again, not arguing it should) and it was a quick ordeal - 10-15 minutes for the barrister to pick up his paycheck and for me to be on my way with the highest possible penalty.

Do yourself a favour and avoid patterson law. It was a shame because I thought the communication before the hearing had been excellent but I now understand that was part of the plot to pay the fee in what was a dead-on-arrival case. I suspect yours is too.

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Devereux Added 2 weeks ago Report to admin
March 30, 2021 20210330093434



Patterson law were fantastic and i am very grateful to Karl Brookes and all the team at Patterson law.they were totally proffessional and secured a perfect outcome to my case , better than i could have expected . Also the man that they arranged to represent me at court was fantastic, "thank you mr Kelly".every aspect of my defence was mentioned in court with nothing left out. I am so pleased with the outcome secured, such a relief to me, thank you..

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Steve Added 2 weeks ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
March 29, 2021 20210329194542

Driving offence - Assistance with points totting


Matter Type: Totting Up Driving Ban

Having accumulated 15 points within a matter of days during the first national lockdown completing my work as a key worker, I faced a ban for 6 months which would have likely meant extremely severe consequences both professionally and personally.
Working with Ian Bond, he carefully steered me through this highly stressful circumstance to the point of my court case and beyond.
In the end, I was banned for 28 days but my licence is now clean, which has been a massive relief so I can continue to travel for work extensively.

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