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71 Customer Reviews


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Paul Added 1 week ago Report to admin
April 10, 2019 20190410104638

Traffic Incident


I felt I was wrongly accused of driving without insurance. It latter transpired that my insurance company had insured the wrong car. It took nearly 6 months for them to admit liability. During this time my case was due to proceed to court. Eventually the company concerned admitted to the police that they would have insured me at the time I was stopped by the police.

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Dave Added 1 week ago Report to admin
April 05, 2019 20190405141943



Excellent advice, support and understanding . I’ve every confidence in this firm.

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Mohammed Added 2 weeks ago Report to admin
April 01, 2019 20190401125935

Conar Maher s/c won my case


My driving license was revoked and had 6 point £900 fine I contacted MR conar Maher he gave me the best advice on how to appeal which I did through him, I had my court date last Friday and I won my appeal they found me not guilty got my driving license back clean like before, which was so good I couldn’t even imagine I have won. Thank you very much to help me with my case I would highly recommend your company to everyone.

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Andrew Added 3 weeks ago Report to admin
March 27, 2019 20190327084227



I suffer terribly with anxiety terribly and I received 3 points which under totting up rule took me to 12 and a possible 6 month ban!
Enter Savanna.... she took control of the whole scenario and to cut a very long story short she advised me of the best angle to fight this, which was extreme hardship.
Well yesterday I had my court case and I received £280 fine and.... wait for it!! 3 points with no ban! Wow!! Savanna you were superb and I can’t thank you enough!!
I can’t recommend Patterson Law LTD highly enough!
Thanks Savanna

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Anonymous Added 3 weeks ago Report to admin
March 25, 2019 20190325141144

Outstanding service


When initially contacting Patterson Law for advice I was impressed with the friendly and professional service. Rachel Ballamy and the whole team we have dealt with have been incredibly efficient in dealing with our case and truly made us feel at ease at a very stressful time.

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Joe Added 3 weeks ago Report to admin
March 21, 2019 20190321181752

Absolutely fantastic service


Truly fantastic service, helped put my my at rest instantly. I was caught speeding and was given 6 points - as I was in my first year driving I was going to lose my licence. I rang Patterson law for free legal advice and they let me know that I could appeal the decision and get the points reduced due to specific circumstances in my personal life. I appealed the decision and Patterson law were fantastic at every step, and they delivered as they were able to get a successful appeal and have the points reduced to 5.

I would recommend Patterson law to absolutely anyone who has a traffic matter!

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Nnamdi Added 4 weeks ago Report to admin
March 20, 2019 20190320032128

Most Electrifying Law Firm And Lawyer Conor Maher


I was facing three charges, use of mobile phone and two failure to name. I already had 6 points on my licence so just one guilty verdict would lead to a totting ban.
I was petrified and had no clue what to do, but from the very first phone call I made to Patterson Law And was given Conor Maher as my solicitior all worries gradually faded and I become more confident as he methodically prepared my case and kept me updated all the way. He finally sealed the deal by giving me the barrister of all barristers and most tenacious and professional barrister I have ever met by the name of Sophie Quinton-Carter. Words cannot explain the way she presented my case, watching and listening to her made me feel like I had super woman barrister on my side because when she was all said and done I got three not guilty verdicts.
If you have any motoring issues, forget the rest and get the best Patterson Law and ask for Conor Maher and tell him to instruct Sophie Quinton-Carter.

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Isam Added 1 month ago Report to admin
March 08, 2019 20190308162815



Very impressed with this firms capabilities!, I had been charged with 'Failing to Provide driver details' and found guilty by a magistrates court who clearly did not know the law, it subsequently lead to a totting ban, having not had representation at that hearing the prosecution were easily able to manipulate the judge to their way of thinking. Big mistake on my part going in alone!... I then enlisted Patterson's Law to assist with appealing this decision, from the outset I felt reassured these guys know their stuff!!. They were able to use factual extracts of the law to overturn the magistrates decision in a crown court and my appeal was successful...barristor Aaaron is a legend!!, he knew the law like the back of his hand and was able to tenaciously put forward my case in a language the crown court understood and accepted. Wish I could have recorded him in action!. were fab with communications to both myself and the courts!...Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!. Will recommend to everyone I know who may need legal assistance with any road traffic matter and I myself will definately 100% turn to them them again if needed.

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julia Added 1 month ago Report to admin
February 28, 2019 20190228000630

Very professional team gets quick results


If you find yourself in a frightening situation, this possibly would be the best Law firm to turn. Very efficient, very professional and honest. My case of Hit and Run was handled by Rachel Ballamy. Great expert. I was very impressed to see how quickly it was resolved.
Thank you

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Anonymous Added 2 months ago Report to admin
February 12, 2019 20190212210248

Highly recommended!


I Highly Recommend Patterson Law!
My case was assigned to Paula and she expertly dealt with every aspect of the case from start to finish. Paula was very knowledgable and experienced in my driving matter and put my mind at ease from our first conversation.
She instructed an excellent local barrister to attend court with me and I was happy with the end result.
Can’t ask any more when you find yourself in an unexpected situation. 5*

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