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Mark Added 1 week ago Report to admin
August 14, 2019 20190814163641

Successful Outcome, without Hassle


From my very first call, an experienced team with comprehensive knowledge of the traffic laws. The case was well researched and presented well. A seasoned barrister provided representation on the day so I had very little to do. The pre-hearing interviews and consultation were handled sensitively, in a non-judgemental manner. ... An excellent outcome, without the usual West Sussex ‘retirement village’ snob!

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SAMUEL Added 2 weeks ago Report to admin
August 01, 2019 20190801193138

Speeding offence


I will definitely recommend Patterson Law Limited to any driver with motoring litigation. I particularly recommend their solicitor who represented me in Court.

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Kevin Added 3 weeks ago Report to admin
July 31, 2019 20190731132832

Advice re a speeding offence


I received an absolutely superb response from Hilary at Patterson Law to my initial question regarding a speeding offence. Based on this first experience with the company I would have no hesitation whatsoever in contacting them for further advice if required.

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Michelle Added 3 weeks ago Report to admin
July 29, 2019 20190729192003

Absolutely Fantastic!


I cannot praise and thank Patterson Law enough and in particular Levi Levell for helping me with a driving offence for which I was facing a six month ban. Her professionalism, client care and advice combined with her engagement of service of the most amazing and talented Barrister, Patrick Kelly has quite literally, changed my life! I really couldn't recommend the company highly enough. Fantastic on every level.

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Sohail Added 3 weeks ago Report to admin
July 28, 2019 20190728142551

My experience with Jason Rosser at patterson law


I just want to say i had a great experience with patterson solicitors they where very efficient and a pleasure to deal with.

My name is sohail and I rely on my licence in order to work as a sales rep thanks to Jason I had my case for phone usage thrown out of court.

Jason was a real gentleman and was extremely competent he informed me and prepared me well for all possible outcomes . I would recommend that anyone with driving licence problems contact patterson law for advice and help.

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Anonymous Added 3 weeks ago Report to admin
July 27, 2019 20190727134329

Feedback for Patterson Law


I recently was stopped for using my mobile phone and the advice and support Patterson Law gave me was remarkable and hugely helpful in particular was Hilary Moon's personal endeavours to support and help me with the terminology and nuances of the process. I would highly recommend this firm for any similar dealings.

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Ahmed Added 3 weeks ago Report to admin
July 25, 2019 20190725235946

Amazing outcome


I spoken with Emma Patterson who couldn’t have been more helpful. She listened what I had to say carefully and she gave me free advice. I called another solicitors and although the fee quoted was slightly less, the advice wasn’t as good as Emma’s. I also sensed from the tone that she did not believe my story.
I decided to not wast more time and employed Pattersons to represent me.
Rachel Bellamy was dealing with my case and she has been helpful throughout. I called sometimes to find out what was happening but this is more of me being stressful and nervous wreck.
My trial was today and there was slight mix up of courts which caused my representative to be delayed.
Kirsty Day was amazing in the court. She defended me well and secured a not guilty verdict.
When the prosecutor, defence lawyer and the magistrate were going through the motions with legal jargon and case histories, I was glad that I wasn’t representing myself. The prosecutor would have eaten me alive!
Thank you to wonderful three women who helped me through this: Emma, Rachel and Kirsty.
I will not hesitate to recommend anyone in using them.

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Paul Added 1 month ago Report to admin
July 16, 2019 20190716110625

Driving without insurance


My wife was stopped for driving without insurance and had a very traumatic experience with an aggressive police officer who wanted to seize her car. As her husband of almost 40 years it has been my sole responsibility to deal with all car matters and due to ill health I had forgotten to do this. However, she was driving and faced 6 penalty points and a £300 fine for my mistake.

I contacted Patterson Law but was very sceptical about their optimism that the decision could be reversed and even more so when I found the person assigned to my case was not a solicitor. A personal call from Emma Patterson to explain the process (no hard sell) convinced me to give them a go.

After just a few weeks Jason Rosser had presented a strong case to the Police to demonstrate the reasons behind this case and why using public funds to prosecute a simple mistake would not be a good use of time and money. The case has now been dropped.

Well done Jason and Patterson Law. You are highly recommended and a very ethical company. Thankyou so much!

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Anthony Added 1 month ago Report to admin
July 06, 2019 20190706102025

Successful outcome


I contacted Patterson Law to appeal a ‘totting up’ ban and from the moment I first spoke them to the court appearance they were absolutely fantastic. The whole team were professional, knowledgeable and excellent to deal with.
They kept me updated throughout the whole process and filled me with confidence that I could win the appeal.
The whole process took around 4 weeks, the fee was fixed from the outset and was excellent value for money.
The appeal was a success and I am now driving again due in no small part to the excellence of the whole Patterson law team.
Thankyou !

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Ajith Added 1 month ago Report to admin
July 03, 2019 20190703230438

Driving matter


Excellent service. Good communication and the firm made me feel confident that they were working really hard for me. A big thank you to Paula Hadliegh who has overseen my case from start to finish. I would highly recommend her.

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