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112 Customer Reviews


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Anonymous Added 1 week ago Report to admin
October 14, 2019 20191014162119

Excellent result


I'm glad ok searched on Google and found Patterson Law firm, didn't know what to do when police stopped me assuming I used my mobile phone whilst driving, Got a letter after few weeks to accept 6 point and £200 fine, with the help of Patterson Law and and the my case office Jason Rosser who were extremely helpful managed to drop my case with CPS before every going to court. Thanks and I would definitely recommend this firm who are expert.

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Nigel Added 1 week ago Report to admin
October 13, 2019 20191013183112

Extremely Poor Service- Stay away!


I do not now believe the reviews on Patterson Law web site. My experience was a quick consultation with a qualified solicitor who advised me ‘ Plead guilty - 99% you will get 7-28 day ban maximum’. You have a very strong case and no need to deploy exceptional hardship defence’.

What happened : after that point dealt with a legal executive not a lawyer. Told me the same. Called me regularly to re-assure me. Night before court - they cancelled the briefed Barrister and gave me another. She turned up- looking like she had just rolled out of bed!!

Absolutely dreadful representation - arguments where conflicting. Unprepared. Lost all arguments so badly I would have been better as a litigant in person.

Got 4 months totting up ban, £1000 fine and 6 points for 32mph in a 20.

This is not a law firm- it’s a money machine praying on vulnerable people who need legal advise. Complete and utter waste of money. Avoid at all cost.

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DANIEL Added 2 weeks ago Report to admin
October 02, 2019 20191002095725

Poor Case Management and Inexperienced Barrister


Disappointed with my experience with Patterson Law.

While I appreciate the time put in I do not feel I got proper value in terms of representation and the preparation from my barrister and solicitor.

One of the first things the barrister Jenna asked if I had was a reference from my employer stating the difficulties I would have if I was not able to keep my licence. At no stage during conversations with my solicitor was this recommended and I believe from speaking with other people who have been in a similar situation to me that this was something that their solicitors had put a strong focus on. Of the couple of people I spoke to about this, both of whom have very similar circumstances to me, they were successful in their appeal due to the evidence they could supply from their employers/colleagues.

Another thing I was unhappy with was the in-experience of the barrister provided for the case. The barrister evidently had little experience yet in the field with less than 1 year of working in the courts. If I had known this would be the situation, I would have likely chosen to use another company who could have supplied a more experienced barrister.

I also believe the barrister did not believe that I could be successful in appealing for exceptional hardship and for that reason didn’t perhaps put as much emphasis on some points in my mitigation as perhaps should have been. The barrister even mentioned after the case that she thought that the driving ban was a “fair outcome”, something I would not expect to hear from someone who is supposed to be advocating, not prosecuting.

The representation on the day and advice received beforehand from Patterson Law did not match or live up to the expectations set out by Emma on my very first phone call to discuss this matter.

This review is not me being disgruntled about receiving a driving ban, it is just about the fact i do not think Patterson Law delivered on the expectations they created from the outset.

For these reasons, i would not recommend Patterson Law.

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Dale Added 1 month ago Report to admin
September 21, 2019 20190921072622

Outstanding advice


I needed some urgent driving legal advice and the wonderful Hannah Reynolds was on hand to do so. Very professional and courteous lady who gave great advice and really helped me get the result I needed. Can’t speak highly enough about this great company and like I said highly recommend Hannah.

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Roberto Added 1 month ago Report to admin
September 19, 2019 20190919132820

Excellent Service - Will Use Again


Very impressed with the professionalism and promptness of this firm. Emma and her team dealt with my query in a very fast and professional manner.
They are now my go-to firm in case of future need.

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Anonymous Added 1 month ago Report to admin
September 17, 2019 20190917163246

Great Result


A big thank you to Levi & Mark and the team at Patterson Law. Supported and advised me throughout my case and achieved a great result, very professional and they genuinely care. Thanks Again.

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Damon Added 1 month ago Report to admin
September 09, 2019 20190909143258

Totting up


Thank you Patterson Law Ltd and in particular Jessica Dolan who helped me avoid a court hearing today along with a potential driving ban for an alleged speeding offence dating back to October 2018

Emma Patterson was very professional, knowledgeable and supportive from the moment I first made contact with Patterson Law and I would strongly recommend Patterson Law's service.

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Nathan Added 1 month ago Report to admin
September 06, 2019 20190906145227



Patterson law sent emails from 6 different people within the first week and subsequently did nothing at all to help my case.
False promises were made and there was no communication at all after I had submitted my information to them.
This is a typical scam company who pays to appear high in a Google search, takes money under false pretences and then does nothing at all to help. I have a friend who represented himself in court under very similar circumstances and received less penalty points and a smaller fine than I did. I feel ripped off and now have a bad driving record to live with for the next few years.
Do not waste your money on these charlatans.

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Ryan Added 1 month ago Report to admin
September 05, 2019 20190905201551

Thank you


Graham Brown was amazing and so was everyone at Patterson Law, very good at communicating and sorting everything out very happy to have went with Patterson Law

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John Added 1 month ago Report to admin
September 05, 2019 20190905092544

Very relieved - thank you Hilary


Fantastic advice from my first phone call and helping me to achieve a result in which the Police decided to drop my case. Thank you Hilary, you were a both a comfort blanket and an excellent advisor when most needed!

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