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86 Customer Reviews


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Hannah Added 1 day ago Report to admin
June 17, 2019 20190617151915

Driving offence


Emma really listened when I told her my circumstances and spent time giving me detailed, bespoke and realistic advice, which I used to represent myself at my hearing. This was all completely free, but I still felt like a valued client. She was very easy to communicate with and gave me the confidence to take my case further.

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nick Added 2 days ago Report to admin
June 16, 2019 20190616144324

Traffic insurance matter


While looking for someone to represent our daughter we came across Patterson Law.
Jason Rosser was our progression officer and right from start to finish we were kept informed by emails and phone calls, nothing was ever too much. He was kind and very helpful, with his help our daughters case was eventually dropped by the CPS and we cannot thank him enough, even when Jason was on his annual leave Ian took over and was there keeping in contact and updated and we would also like to thank him. There was always someone available to speak with us.
We highly recommend Patterson Law if your in need of help with a driving offence. Thank you once again to everyone involved, we really appreciate all what you have done to save our daughters licence

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Germine Added 4 days ago Report to admin
June 14, 2019 20190614065343

Traffic speed matter


Thank you Ian Bond for your excellent and professional service.

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Gaetano Added 5 days ago Report to admin
June 13, 2019 20190613221100

Very friendly and professional


I found Patterson law to be very friendly and extremely professional

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Mohammed Added 1 week ago Report to admin
June 07, 2019 20190607183923

Driving disqualification


I have received excellent service and well supported. I am very successful for my appeal with brilliant and excellent representation. Your services and support is great.

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Alfonso Added 2 weeks ago Report to admin
June 03, 2019 20190603072141

Excellent detection of innocence


Although I contacted Patterson Law when only few days were left for a reply to an intended prosecution, Hilary quickly realised I had a strong case. Everybody was ready to provide me with advice and confidence. Jason covered any angle swiftly and ensured that eventually common sense prevailed. Would recommend, definitely. Pleading guilty when innocent may sound cheaper, yet it is not right.

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Lizzie Added 2 weeks ago Report to admin
June 01, 2019 20190601161147

Mixed. Right result ... finally


The advice before my case was taken on was excellent. Unfortunately the court mistook the dates of my speeding offences. It took anxious months to sort and I’ll never know where the delay lay. The court finally reversed their decision after I had suffered weeks of a ban despite my attempts to clarify the dates with them. I had to chase the solicitors many times to chase the court and cannot know who was causing the delay nor how clear the solicitor was being with the court about a simple misreading of dates. It was only resolved a week before my driving holiday, which caused great anxiety.

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Dave Added 2 weeks ago Report to admin
May 31, 2019 20190531133815

Excellent case management, support and advice.


Confidence inspiring advice, support and case management. Clear communication throughout. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. Jason did a fine job to ensure I got the correct outcome.

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Nick Added 2 weeks ago Report to admin
May 30, 2019 20190530133608

Panic over !


I had received a notice for intended persecution. I emailed Patterson Law
when a colleague recommended them as they had successfully helped him retain his licence in a court case.
I sent the details of my traffic offence and had a very quick and detailed response.
Put my mind at rest.
Would recommended them in the future

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Mark Added 3 weeks ago Report to admin
May 28, 2019 20190528162252

Totting Up Driving Ban


From Start to finish I can only compliment Paterson Law and primarily my case progression officer Jason Rosser on their professionalism and knowledge during this exceptionally stressful time for my family and myself. Jason has expertly guided me through the process and without his assistance I would be now out of work and facing a future of uncertainty. Anyone out there that requires legal assistance should look no further than Paterson Law. Thanks again for all of your assistance.

Mark H - Manchester

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