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April 19, 2023

Report to admin

Collected on:

Disgracefull conduct.

I was in a serious RTA and the head of the firm chose to allocate this disgraceful individual to manage my case, an individual who could have easily killed someone on this occasion in the article.

People who have almost been killed, by the actions of irresponsible people, have a right to know if one has been allocated to represent them in a crown court case.

Search the Manchester evening news website for Diane Conway, legal expert found slumped over wheel to see the article.

When I complained of the employees reprehensible actions in my case she was managing, the head of the firm tried to blackmail me, just before a major trial at crown court, saying that he will drop the case, if I continue with my complaint, he sounded like a spoiled child, even though he did not have sufficient grounds to stop my representation, just because I was forced to make a complaint because of his unprofessional employee, he soon backed down and told me a lie, saying Conway had not read and understood the correct procedure, he told me Conway would now do as I asked, if that was the truth, he wouldn't have tried blackmailing me first, which proved to me, that the man had absolutely no integrity.

There were other issues that she caused that stressed me almost to breaking point, contemplating suicide and worse, I had to fight my own defence harder than the prosecution, to make sure things were done as I instructed, I seriously believe, that my crown court caseworker and the barrister she got, who I had to sack, seemed to believe I lacked capacity, because I sustained a traumatic brain injury, even though it was proved through several forensic experts, I had more than enough capacity, to instruct and to stand trial, but it's as if she thought she should make decisions for me, I saw this as clearly discriminative, because I had sustained a traumatic brain injury.

Furthermore, when i attend a conference, I expect the crown court caseworker and my barrister to be on time, as there were serious issues that needed to be gone into, It is disgraceful, that my crown court caseworker turns up half an hour late and my barrister turns up over 45 minutes late, then when I should be in conference, my crown court case worker takes a private call, then goes out of the room to handle her private affairs with someone who she was seeing at the time, who she described a cop, this is extremally unprofessional service and a clear insult.

Conway also advised me that if I pleaded guilty to a section 20 assault, that I wouldn't get prison, this was ridiculous advice, as I had already pleaded guilty to carrying a deadly weapon, had I have pleaded guilty to a section 20, I would have certainly got a prison term, she had the gall to give this advice after she knew I didn't attack the individual and she gave this advice, thinking that I was so thick, that I would take it and I, an innocent man, who was acquitted of a section 18 and a 20, would be sent to prison, clearly as an attempted punishment, because I hit the roof over several issues she caused in the case.

These individuals really need to change their attitudes on how they interact with, treat and advise clients, because piling on additional unnecessary stress and not addressing issues, could have dire effects, especially with people who have gone through more trauma, than their privileged little self's could survive.

It is reprehensible that I was allocated this individual to represent me, when Bernstein knew full well what I had already suffered and I'm allocated a caseworker, who took it upon herself to get stinking , get in her car and attempt to drive back to her home in Wythenshawe, thank she was stopped before she mowed down a pedestrian and wrecked a families life, just as my life was wrecked by a similar, irresponsible, egocentric individual, who didn't have the moral fiber sufficient to think before she wrecked lives and did not possess the maturity to behave like an .

These individuals need to treat their clients better, or they increase the propensity of further violent crime.

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