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Natasha Added 2 days ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
May 20, 2018 20180520143618



They are desperate to push down the negative reviews on here, google and yelp because there have been so many disappointed people who have used their "service".

They are known scam artists who abuse their position to prey on vulnerable migrants. They make agreements to represent people and then hold their case hostage unless they pay thousands of extra pounds. They didn't even put the right case number on my file which could have lead to a massive problem when processing the paperwork, the paperwork was riddled with spelling mistakes and inaccuracies despite spending months to work with them to put my file together.

They told me less than 48 hours away from my court hearing that they would not send a barrister to my court hearing unless I gave them another £2000, then lowering it to £1700, then the day before the hearing they tried to get me to cave and pay £1400. A good lawyer should never barter or negotiate for their fees.

They are a disgrace and widely known to be one of the biggest fraud solicitors for immigration in the UK.

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Esam Added 3 days ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
May 19, 2018 20180519010037



The case still going . The appeal will be heard in almost two weeks time. Hope for the best

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Tatiana Added 1 week ago Report to admin
May 11, 2018 20180511071116

Family member visa


I have contacted this firm in order to get a Family Member visa for my brother in law which is a Chinese citizen married to a EU national both wanting to come to UK and the process was easy and without any headaches.I was contacted very quick and my calls and questions were answered straight away and cleared things for us.
So we owe our thanks to Mr Naeem Saddique who helped us getting this done and all the team!

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PAT Added 1 week ago Report to admin
May 10, 2018 20180510162030

Entry Clearance Visa


It was a great pleasure for my husband and I to choose Sabz Solicitors to handle our immigration matter, we have not regretted at all.
Mr Khan was very competent and very professional in his dealings with us, My husband's Entry clearance visa was successful and we got the results in the exactly time frame he gave us.
We are very grateful.
We will definitely use Sabz Solicitors again in the future.

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LosAngelesRaiders Added 1 month ago 4 found this helpful Report to admin
April 19, 2018 20180419115301

Not Happy


Unlike most people here, my experience with Sabz has not been a happy one - I paid the best part of £1000 for a temporary visa to bring my wife over and marry her here legally under British law in the UK. I explained, very clearly to Nadia about my wifes current circumstances in Turkey where she currently resides. Nadia and the senior solicitor were both confident that the visa would be suitable for the circumstances. Thinking they were good and that they knew the law/possible outcomes I went ahead, paid the money and set about gathering documents as per requested by my solicitor.

After 6 months of gathering paperwork and evidence. The visa looked strong (in thier view and in my untrained eyes) and it was finally submitted. The visa, of course was rejected on the point of my wifes status in the country she currently resides in. When speaking to the senior solicitor about moving forward, I was told to basically go and get a job and make the £18,600 threshold to bring her here for 2 years or get her legal status in the country she resides in all this is more money and time than I can spare. I only wanted to marry her here, meet my UK based family and leave Britiain but obviously this is no longer an option.

I asked fora judicial review which I was told I wouldn't win.

I am now stuck, in debt by £1000 and back to square one. I thought that these lot knew what they were doing. I think it would be easier just bringing her here illegally.

I am sure many may like to ask me 'why don't you do this and that' but you would need to understand my circumstances to have an opinion. The solicitor at Sabz knew very well mine and my wifes circumstances yet failed to take this into consideration when making the visa.

I will never use Sabz solicitors again and I will advise others to avoid them. Don't waste your money.

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Amjad Added 2 months ago Report to admin
March 23, 2018 20180323160359

Tier 1 Entrepreneur


I cannot write the full story happened to us, but in short, This is not a joke, when a person with family heard the news that your visa application is refused! And on top his application was considered into the entirely wrong category. Running a massive business with over 10 employees for 6 years, had to go for reporting was the nail in the coffin. We left the last so called solicitors based in London and went online searching, and found UK immigration, and they redirected us to SABZ solicitors. First meeting worked exactly like first impression is the last impression, it was with Mr Ikram Malik explained everything to us in detailed, and handover our case to Miss Shabnam, who we found the best personality to work with. She is like a sea of knowledge and i must say she was always available to talk which was the best thing a client needs. She not only took us out of the wrong category from HomeOffice but also we got our ILR within 3 months which was pending since Mar 2016.

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Anonymous Added 3 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
January 26, 2018 20180126195646

Ozge Balakan for the win


It has been an absolute pleasure working and dealing with Miss Balakan, we couldn't have done it without her, she is hard working and dedicated all of the way. She gives Sabz a great name, they are very fortunate and lucky to have someone like her working for them, as were we. She was fantastic at communicating with us and very prompt in answering any questions we had. What can be a daunting process for some, was made a very pleasant one by working with Miss Balakan. I would recommend her for any of your legal needs, she is a highly driven professional.

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Angele Added 4 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
January 03, 2018 20180103134759

Great solicitor


I AM SOOOOO IMPRESSED WITH MY SOLICITOR NAEEM SIDDIQUE. He was very knowledgeable and caring. He helped my case every single step of the way. I was desperate for mu husband to join in the UK and Naeem provided me with all the information and necessary paper work. He was always available on the phone to talk to me when I was down and always answered very quickly by email.
Naeem was also available to answer any of my questions after all the paper work was sent off for my husband's EEA family permit. In about 3 weeks my husband joined me in London. I was thrilled.
I find the company very professional and CARING ( I insist). I would recommend it strongly. I am looking forward to working with Naeem again for my husband's residence card.

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Bob Added 5 months ago 9 found this helpful Report to admin
December 07, 2017 20171207052937

Waste of money, waste of time! Find better solicitors!


I piad a lot of money for waste of time and my energy. Unprofessional customer service, not helpful, minimum advice and most important - there were errors in my case. At the end refusal of visa, no money. Case is closed.

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Glenda Added 6 months ago Report to admin
November 03, 2017 20171103054348

Great costumer service


The overall timing was long but my matter wasn't simple. Solicitors calls right back in case costumer needed. Great service, i would reccomend it..

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