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May 31, 2022

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Impeccable Service

The retirement of our family lawyer after 40 years was a huge loss and the thought of replacing him, quite daunting. I’d known him since childhood as he dealt with all our family business and other matters. I never worried as he was always a phone call away and over the years dealt with probate to stalking with us having complete confidence that these matters would be addressed with due diligence. This is when we approached Dawson & Burgess.
Over the last three years we have had an exceptional service from Magdalena Musialik, Janice Oxley, Sue Toseland, & Joanne Smith.
More recently, Magdalena Musialik has had to work to very tight schedual for the sale of our property. This was quite challenging with a barrage of questions from the purchasing solicitor on a weekly basis that often appeared unnecessary as the information was available on line; and nor did these queries seem logical or come as a cohesive whole. It was often frustrating and to expedite the matter Magdalena went above and beyond her duty of care to personally qualify the responses after doing the research herself. Within 24 hours she had a completion date.
Magda is exceptional! We have grown very fond of her and feel that finally we have found a replacement for our family lawyer. She is extremely efficient, well organised, and proactive in managing any obstacles that arise with possible solutions. Magdalena Musialik ’s integrity and her level of effectiveness, & transparency gave us confidence. We encountered the same level of professionalism entering the building from Joanne, & Carol which was evident by their customer centric behaviour.
The process of and buying and selling is a stressful time. To date our experience of Dawson & Burgess was based on Magdalena Musialik, Janice Oxley, Sue Toseland, Carol, & Joanne who conduct themselves with dignity and decorum giving us, the client, confidence when supporting and / or administering on our behalf.
We finally feel that we have a replacement for our family lawyer in Magdalena Musialik at the Doncaster branch of Dawson and Burgess. Thank you for an impeccable service and being so lovely, kind, and considerate.

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