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7 Customer Reviews


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Christopher Added 2 months ago Report to admin
January 02, 2019 20190102180819

immigration visa appeal


We are grateful to Mr. Micheal Phillips for helping us win the family reunion case in  October.
He is very professional, gave us great encouragement and help. Even on the day of the court, he drove his private car about 2-3 hours to Court and giving us lift as well, because we had no car at that time. He is a very kind, intelligent, confident and helpful lawyer.
Thanks Michael and his team very much. 
We would highly recommend.

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Khalid Added 3 months ago Report to admin
December 07, 2018 20181207103014

Taxi licensing


I appointed Andrew Storch Solicitors through a recommendation from a friend. While I had cheaper quotes else where. Micheal had been superb and nothing but professional all the way through
and kept me updated all the way, could not be more pleased with the outcome.
So a massive thank you to Michael and his team and I would highly recommend to others in the future.

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Anonymous Added 3 months ago Report to admin
December 03, 2018 20181203045624

Micheal is the best


I had an appeal against council taxi suspension in last November.I won the case because of my representative barrister Micheal Phillips.He is the best barriester ever I seen.He is confident,not overchare,proffesional,effiecent,knowledgable,
Well mannerd,sensible advice.Anyone can use without any doubt.His presention was amazing.I would highly recommend.

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Stephen Added 10 months ago Report to admin
May 14, 2018 20180514160704

freedom of the Gospel


I am grateful for Mr. Michael Philips for coming to our aid, when me and my fellow preacher were asked into a police station to explain our actions around xmas time of 2017; because a few hecklers accused us of homophobia.
Mr. Philips was very professional and advised us before proceedings took place and the outcome, thank God was good for us. I would highly recommend his services unreservedly.

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Stephen Added 11 months ago Report to admin
April 17, 2018 20180417122847

Successful outcomes for families and street preachers


In other cases involving social services which I have covered, Michael has represented parents and secured the best possible outcomes for them and their children.
I have also covered not a few cases in which Michael has represented street preachers accused of public order offences in court. These are cases involving deep questions of freedom of speech in the modern world. Michael has been successful in gaining acquittal for his client in every single one of these cases.
Napoleon famously asked, before appointing a certain general, 'Is he lucky?' I have to say there was something bigger than luck operating in the cases in which I have observed Michael Phillips at work.

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Anonymous Added 11 months ago Report to admin
April 15, 2018 20180415150726

Allegation of fraud


When I first contacted Michael Phillips for help regarding alleged fraud, I was in a very dark place. From the first time I picked up the phone, full of nervous distrust and fear that I would not be listened to, Michael treated me with total professionalism, sensible logic and encouragement. His skill in getting to the bottom of the situation from me, and the facts, helped enormously in getting me on even keel! He didn’t judge me, didn’t leap to conclusions, and helped by talking through and explaining each stage one at a time. I was not in the place where I could cope with too much at once.

His knowledge of his subject, coupled with his very methodical calm sensible approach, gave me belief to keep going throughout the horrible situation that I found myself for the first time. Thankfully, Michael’s perseverance, his ability to cut to the core of a situation, and ability to get the best he can for me, enabled the outcome to be resolved and his proposal for me was accepted by the other party.
I can truly say that without Michael on my side, guiding me calmly through the legalities of the fraud allegation it would have been impossible for me to manage an extremely distressing family situation that was running con currently alongside. Picking up the phone to Michael, was truly the only thing that gave me a chance of some life back. I cannot thank him enough.


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David Added 11 months ago Report to admin
April 11, 2018 20180411224011

A lawyer for those battling with political correctness


Michael Phillips is the best defence solicitor I could have had in an extremely difficult case. He guided me through the intricacies of the legal process and took a personal interest in the case. He has a tremendous tenacity and determination to fight for justice and encouraged me never to give up.

He deals with highly sensitive cases which sadly in the times in which we live are on the increase but which I am sure many lawyers are ill-equipped to deal with .

Also because of the politically correct times in which we live, he may well find that he himself is under threat from government legislation, which is becoming increasingly hostile towards families, children, parents and Christians in particular . At such times only a lawyer with tremendous courage and integrity can rise to the challenge .

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