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6 Customer Reviews


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Chloe Added 3 weeks ago Report to admin
June 13, 2020 20200613122703

Trustworthy, reliable and efficient


I have recently completed on a new build house and could not recommend PDA solicitors enough, in particular Jadwiga who dealt with my case. She was thorough in her approach, helpful and always communicated clearly and in a timely manner.

Most was done electronically or over email and the day of completion was seamless.

Thanks for taking the stress away from buying a house!

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Mark Added 1 year ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
February 16, 2019 20190216092129



We used PDA Law for our house move and everything went well, they offered us some great advice and We completed on time without any problems. Daniel Leigh was great, highly recommended.

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Andrius Added 1 year ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
December 16, 2018 20181216183505



Just useless waist of time,work together with persimmon homes ,looks after persimmon interest

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Claire Added 1 year ago Report to admin
November 30, 2018 20181130103330

Excellent, Professional Service


We have found this company to be both excellent and professional, to the degree that they are handling all of our work now! Sean Watts was really helpful and sold two of our properties incredibly efficiently. Mary and Chris now deal with our properties on the letting side. I can't recommend this company highly enough. They are knowledgeable and supportive and their service is very quick. Highly recommend! Can't understand the previous negative reviews...

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Jake Added 1 year ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
September 21, 2018 20180921184458

Useless terrible solicitors!!!!!!


In regards to the useless *Ian Larkins* property who at first offered to take my case on and seemed very confident and got my hopes up after sending over 25 emails of evidence only to be ignored for 3 weeks because he needed a file from the previous solicitor and came up with a lame excuse in his words ( It seems apparent that you are not content with the manner in which I have acted) not what you want to hear when you have turned down other solicitors, to be honest, i don't think *Ian cowboy Larkins* is up to any job and too pathetic to say no the case is too much for him and I think their other reviews are fake!. 😡 (Easy money easy job only)

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Lee Added 2 years ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
July 24, 2017 20170724134306

Terrible waste of time


Absolutely terrible, do not use! I first used PDA a few years ago but after a few wasted weeks, empty promises, time wasting and no progress I moved to another solicitor. At the time I received a phone call from one of the partners asking why I’d left, I had a lengthy conversation and was promised a phone call back; which to no surprise didn’t happen. I should have learnt from that experience but having recently used PDA estate agents I used them again – not much has changed. I constantly had to chase for updates and to ask them to follow up. The sale fell through which left me with a large invoice (for little work that I had to chase and drive) – the invoice was also sent with someone else’s name on.
They also offered no breakdown of the fees and there was no transparency, just a bill through the post (with the wrong name).

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