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June 09, 2021

Report to admin

Collected on:

Conveyance - Exceptionally Unprofessional, Their Actions Considered Negligent & Discriminatory

I think it is easier to provide the list of complaints issued to the legal ombudsman as to the firms conduct then write out the full chronology, needless to say as someone legally qualified, their conduct was atrocious, the partner who lied to me on the telephone (fortunately I have recordings), a member of the firm who I believe solely removed me as a client when he was told by the complaints team I would be issuing a complaint; should be struck off the Solicitors Roll. I would recommend every client record their interactions with this firm.

Complaint Points issued to Ombudsman

Conveyance law firm partner:
a. Poor Service – Conveyance partner misled the Client as to property report production provision date.
b. Failure to keep informed – Conveyance partner did not inform the Client report would not be provided on provision date.
c. Poor Service - Conveyance Firms Partner was aware of the fee cover offer from Seller to the Client, but the Firm did not "request an undertaking from the Seller's Solicitor" pursuant to where Complaints Manager stated the Firm would have done should the Firm have ever been made aware of such offer.
d. Poor Advice & Service – Conveyance Firms Partner misled the Client as to reviewing amended Lease documents from the Sellers Solicitor by him purporting to be going through the ‘track changes’ ones when in fact LESTER ALDRIDGE never reviewed any different documents; they solely took the 1st version (ignored the Client's Review of it that was provided weeks earlier), never engaged with the Sellers Solicitor to amend the Lease and instead simply produced a report recommending the purchase and Lease (that had no changes made).
e. Failure to follow instructions - Conveyance Firms Partner had at no time raised the Client’s issues with the draft Lease to Sellers Solicitors, nor did they raise his queries with them as LESTER ALDRIDGE told the Client they had.
f. Failure to follow instructions – Conveyance Firms Partner did not inform other Client of issues the Client had raised, which affected them both.
g. Poor Service & Failure to follow instructions – Conveyance Firms Partner allowed other Client to proceed with completion without the Client when together both clients could have ensured that the Lease and other Red-Flag issues were resolved – instead their other Client was left to a disadvantage (and put to issues that he would not have been) as LESTER ALDRIDGE had not cured the issues the Client had raised. The Client was put to additional costs to do this, and it needed more work done due to LESTER ALDRIDGE allowing their other Client to complete – as they had not conveyance properly, the Client's Conveyancer who completed the Client's Conveyance was able to cure defects to Lease and other documents that the Client had flagged.
h. Failure to follow instructions – did not raise the Client’s issues with the Lease to Sellers Solicitor.
i. Poor Service – Conveyance Firms Partner misinformed Conveyance Solicitor that the Client was “not a cash buyer”.
j. Poor Service – Conveyance Firms Partner provided incomplete Property Report to the Client.
k. Poor Advice – Conveyance Firms Partner recommended the Client’s acceptance of draft Lease despite numerous red flag issues.
l. Failure to respond – Conveyance Firms Partner would not explain to the Client despite a minimum of three emails from the Client as to what work Conveyance Firms Partner had done since being instructed.
m. Poor Service – Conveyance Firms Partner upon being made aware that the Client had requested the complaints procedure manufactured a financial documents issue in order to remove the Client as a Client.
n. Poor Service & Failure to keep informed – Conveyance Firms Partner discriminated against the Client; he sent a convoluted email to the Client asking for financial information in the evening, whereby, in the same email, he told the Client he was unsure if the Client had already sent them to the Firm (Conveyance Firms Partner had not attended office to check), then when the Client emailed LESTER ALDRIDGE what he thought was again being asked for, rather than clarify to the Client, in response an hour later (late in the evening) LESTER ALDRIDGE’s Conveyance Firms Partner simply terminated the Client’s retainer and removed him from being a client with the reason being the Client had ‘refused’ to provide requested documentation. NB. Conveyance Firms Partner only stated what specific document he was after in the termination of retainer email to the Client.
o. Poor Service & Failure to progress – Conveyance Firms Partner failed to withdraw termination of the retainer when the Client immediately responded with the document Conveyance Firms Partner stated the Client had 'refused' to provide (at no time had the Client) refuse to provide any document and Conveyance Firms Partner was (as Conveyance Firms Partner proclaimed himself) was ‘unsure’ which what document LESTER ALDRIDGE sought or even if LESTER ALDRIDGE had already been provided to the Firm).
p. Poor Service & Failure to progress – Conveyance Firms Partner failed to withdraw termination of the retainer when the Client’s LESTER ALDRIDGE Conveyancer noted the Client had provided the document and LESTER ALDRIDGE’s Conveyancer questioned Conveyance Firms Partner so as to continue to act for the Client.
q. Poor Service – Conveyance Firms Partner knowingly left the Client in a state of distress.
r. Poor Service – Conveyance Firms Partner prejudiced the Client with a financial loss regarding the property deposit (£5000) or, in the alternative, with the cost of conveyance fees which the Seller had agreed to cover if LESTER ALDRIDGE conveyed the Property.
s. Poor Service – failed to take accurate or any client notes in relation to calls, then in final Complaint replies, it is noted he did not recall his telephone interactions with the Client.

2. LESTER ALDRIDGE’s Conveyance Solicitor:
a. Poor Service – Conveyance Solicitor provided incomplete Property Report to the Client.
b. Poor Advice – Conveyance Solicitor recommended the Client’s acceptance of draft Lease despite numerous red-flag issues.

3. LESTER ALDRIDGE’s Complaints Manager:
a. Poor Service & Poor Complaint Handling – Complaints Manager constructed an alternate reason to try and substantiate the termination of the Firm's retainer “I have reviewed the emails on your file, and it is clear to me that the solicitor/client relationship has broken down such that it would not be possible to act in your best interest.”
b. Poor Service & Poor Complaint Handling – Complaints Manager lied when she stated there was “no prejudice to you since I note that your transaction is at a very early stage” as it was towards the end of the Conveyance, the Firm was aware there would be financial prejudice if the sale did not proceed (loss of deposit) and if it did proceed but not with them conveyance fee coverage loss.
c. Poor Service & Poor Complaint Handling – As the Complaints Manager was the subject of the Complaint, she should have recused herself from the complaint handling without the Client having to request it.
d. Poor Service & Poor Complaint Handling – Complaints Manager should never have been involved in the decision process of a complaint where she was a subject of the Complaint.
e. Poor Service & Poor Complaint Handling – Complaints Manager stated in her email of 15 October 2020 that “As far as we are aware, the Seller has not made it a condition of the sale that you should instruct us in the conveyancing, he merely recommended Lester Aldridge when you moved on from your first Firm of solicitors.” This was a lie as the firm was fully aware of the financial agreement and incentive for the Client to transfer conveyancers to LESTER ALDRIDGE.
f. Poor Service & Poor Complaint Handling – Complaints Manager stated in LESTER ALDRIDGE’s 16 March 2021 complaint reply letter that “[t]here is no correspondence contained on your file in support of what you say,” with regards to the Seller offering to cover the Client’s conveyance fees if he conveyed with LESTER ALDRIDGE, whereby, LESTER ALDRIDGE’s Complaints Manager went on to state that had there been "This Firm would have requested an undertaking from the Seller's Solicitor in that respect." However, email obtained from Subject Access Request at firm shows an email thread between LESTER ALDRIDGE’s Partner Conveyance Firms Partner and the Sellers Solicitor where he was aware of it from the onset of the Client’s instructions to the Firm.

4. LESTER ALDRIDGE’s made sexist ablest remarks about the Client in email communication to one another while they were conducting/investigating the Client’s Formal Complaint.

5. LESTER ALDRIDGE’s Managing Partner:
a. Poor Service & Poor Complaint –Complaints Manager who was the Subject of the client's complainant, should not have been permitted to take over the Firms response to the Complaint and find the Client's complaints about herself unjustified.
b. Poor Service & Poor Complaint – the Client raised further issues with regards to the Firm ignoring the majority of his complaints and where he raised further Complaint as to Complaints Manager for which was ignored by Managing Partner.
c. Poor Service & Poor Complaint – when the Complaints Manager asked the Client to provide evidence to establish his submissions, this evidence should not have gone ignored by the Firm/Firms Partner when it was provided.

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Matter Type:

Family law


October 15, 2018

Report to admin

Collected on:

Efficient executors

Kurt Lee of this form acted as executor of my late Mother in law's will. He was efficient, competent and kept us well informed. I considered that they represented good value for money.

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Matter Type:

Employment Law


June 12, 2018

Report to admin

Collected on:


I have just used this law firm for an employment dispute. I found them very quick to respond and they explained each stage of the case well.

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Matter Type:



January 07, 2017

Report to admin

Collected on:

Dont use for simple property work eg conveyancy

This solicitor (Jodie) of lester Aldridge should be avoided at all costs. It took 6 Months, yes 6 months to transfer ownership of my flat to my brother. I don't think they started work on it for the first 3 months. After 5 Months! they wanted proof of Building insurance and Management fees. Their solicitor working on the case was off work (holiday/sick?) for a lot of the time and never ever gave us an estimated time to complete. My brother and i were very stressed over their lack of assistance and timewasting. She was rude and unhelpful at every stage. Find a better solicitor elsewhere would be my advice!

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