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As a family-run practice we understand what is important. A criminal conviction doesn’t just impact you, it impacts the people around you, the people that mean the most to you. Our approach to legal representation is different. Unlike other production-line practices, we value and respect every person who requires our services. Winning cases is always a team effort.

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Verified C Added 3 weeks ago Report to admin
March 27, 2019 20190327170744

Outstanding service


I can't thank MAJ law enough for there help in saving my license and my job. I would and have recommended them to anyone and everyone! There vast knowledge of the drug driving law and also the brilliant customer service provided has made my experience much more pleasant. Again can't thank them enough

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Jack Added 3 weeks ago Report to admin
March 25, 2019 20190325175807

Case won - Thank you


I instructed MAJ Law to defend my case. They were friendly and professional. My solicitor was Conor and he knows everything worth knowing about motoring law. They won my case after finding mistakes with the evidence against me.

I was given a costs order, meaning I get some money back.

Would highly recommend. A***

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Verified Jamie Added 1 month ago Report to admin
March 01, 2019 20190301203354

Case Dropped Before First Hearing


I found MAJ law and it’s good reviews on Google and was initially skeptical but after reading the reviews and speaking with Conor on the phone a couple of days after I was arrested and he really made me feel much more confident in my defence but I decided to anxiously wait until I recovered my charge letter and court date had been posted. Following my charge sheet arriving at my door I contacted MAJ law and they gave me a clear idea of the different legal routes we could take, they explained the fixed fees upfront and I thought it was reasonably priced so I paid my deposit and waited to hear back.

Admittedly, communication isn’t the best due to the fact it’s hard to find the right person on the phone, I organised multiple callbacks but never heard anything back. Over email I can’t fault them. However, there is clearly a lot of work behind the scenes going on.

On my day of my first hearing (today), I arrived at 9 but my barrister had actually arrived at the wrong magistrates court completely so I had to wait for a couple of hours for him to arrive at the correct place. (I was told their was miscommunication between MAJ law and their Barristers). Despite this, my barrister (Mr. Shazad) was great and explained to me exactly what he was going to do and came back to me after speaking with court officials and managed to get my case dropped just before I was supposed to be going into the courtroom. I did have an unusual case but I guarantee if I had not spent the fixed fee of £1500 + VAT for legal help I would’ve been charged and banned and likely due to my age would struggle to find car insurance for a long time or a decent job for a long time. 2 months of pure hell and constant paranoia lifted off my shoulders has got to be one of the best feelings. I am told I may be able to claim some money back due to the fact CPS offered zero evidence. Without a doubt, worth every penny.

Thanks again to the MAJ LAW team

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MAJ Law Limited responded to this review on 04 March, 2019

Hi Jamie. Thank you for taking the time to provide detailed feedback. We'll certainly take on board your comments about our communication, so thank you for being honest! We regularly win what other solicitors call "unwinable" cases, even at first court hearings. The police push cases to court expecting defendants to plead guilty. Often they don't have the correct evidence to prove the case! That appears to be what happened here. I'll pass your gratitude onto the barrister. A fantastic outcome, Jamie. It was a pleasure representing you. - The team at M.A.J Law.

Verified Mr Added 3 months ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
January 17, 2019 20190117181917

Surpassed all my expectations - Case Dropped


A few months ago I was Approached by the police at the road side stationary in my car and was consequently charged with refusing a specimen of breath while in charge of a vehicle and suspected of driving. This couldn’t have come at a worst time in my life and the consequences couldn’t have been more severe had I been convicted. I was inclined to plead guilty thinking there wasnt any way out as I wouldn’t be believed. However after speaking to Conor at MAJ Law I was given confidence that my case had merit and it wasn’t a done deal in me being convicted. Today (the day of my trial) my case was dropped when the CPS offered no evidence just as Conor said was highly likely. To say this is a relief is an understatement and it has literally saved my life. I cannot thank Conor and the team at MAJ Law enough for everything they have done for me. Like others have written on here it can be concerning how much things can cost when it comes to defending themselves for a case like this and I myself was sceptical about what all the money was for. I can genuinely say however that it is the best money I have spent and ever will spend and it is clear how much goes on behind the scenes to ensure everything is done to win your case and get you the best outcome possible. After winning my case I will now also see some of this money coming back to me from central funds which is just the silver lining in it all. Conor and the team I cannot thank you enough! I would highly recommend MAJ Law and the team to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. Top Marks

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MAJ Law Limited responded to this review on 04 March, 2019

Thank you for taking the time to review your experience with our firm. We do have a completely transparent policy on our fees and will always confirm these during the initial telephone conversation. They are also confirmed on our website. To be able to win the case was fantastic. It was a pleasure to represent you and we wish you the luck with the future. - The team at M.A.J Law

Verified James Added 3 months ago Report to admin
January 08, 2019 20190108123828

Ma j law


Recommend theses guys to anyone they're supperb at what they do

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MAJ Law Limited responded to this review on 04 March, 2019

Thank you for your review. We appreciate the positive feedback. - The team at M.A.J Law

Verified S Added 4 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
December 21, 2018 20181221115106

Drink driving 3rd offence in 12 years


I had an involved detailed version of events and The barrister who represented me, was well spoken and helped my case to get me 36 months ban with a band C fine. Definitely recommend

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MAJ Law Limited responded to this review on 04 March, 2019

Thank you for taking the time to post a review. We welcome all feedback.

Verified M Added 4 months ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
December 10, 2018 20181210000825

Drink Driving Offence


Thank you MAJ Law for your support. With their expert advise and guidance I managed to avoided a second offence driving ban as the case was discontinued on the day of the trial as i was found not guilty due to lack of evidence. It was a very stressful 9 months and well worth the money I spent for MAJ Law to represent me. Absolute superstars!.

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Rishi Added 4 months ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
November 26, 2018 20181126203000

Caring and attentive Solicitors


I wish to extend my gratitude to the staff and Solicitors of MAJ Law for their caring and attentive handling of a recent driving related matter.

The expertises of the specialists driving Solicitors was second to none. I was kept updated throughout the handling of the case all the way up to a successful outcome of the CPS dropping the case which I attribute wholeheartedly to the skill of the firm.

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K Added 5 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
November 02, 2018 20181102150812

Drug Driving


A huge thank you MAJ LAW . From start to finish pure professionalism from each member of the team . In addition to this outstanding knowledge and fantastic care of duty to clients . We where kept informed and up to date every step of the way, all things explained throughly, nothing was to much trouble for the team . A special thank you to Connor Johnstone and John Dove . I would highly recommend MAJ LAW.

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Verified Bill Added 5 months ago Report to admin
October 29, 2018 20181029193643

Successfully Defended Twice!


Can't thank MAJ Law enough for representing me on two separate occasions. Excellent knowledge and very resourceful. They managed to successfully defend me on two failure to provide matters since the police failed to recognise a genuine excuse to provide a sample.

They're confidence and knowledge of Road Traffic Law is very re-assuring. Expensive but worth avoiding a driving ban. Professional service throughout, would highly recommend.

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Solicitors who work at MAJ Law Limited

  • Marcus Johnstone

    Marcus is the senior solicitor and principle of the law firm. Marcus has appeared on BBC television, BBC radio and been quoted in the national and regional press.

  • Conor Johnstone

    Conor is a specialist solicitor with particular knowledge of drink and drug driving cases. Conor specialises in finding mistakes and loopholes with prosecution evidence.

  • John Dove

    John is a Specialist Solicitor and non-practicing barrister. John has an impressive track record. He has higher rights of audience enabling him to appear in the Crown Court.

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We are a leading motoring defence practice that specialise in fighting for motorists nationwide. Challenging motoring offences is at the heart of what we do. We pride ourselves as being the only family-run motoring defence firm in the UK.

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