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M.A.J Law are a specialist motoring defence practice based in Widnes, Cheshire. Our team of 20 people represent clients across the country charged with criminal motoring offences, including drink driving, drug driving, failing to provide and speeding. We offer free initial advice over the phone. Please get in touch to discuss your case.

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Brian Added 3 days ago Report to admin
July 01, 2020 20200701222728



MAJ Law are life savers. I took a chance and used solicitors for the first time. I didn't know if they could help. My solicitor was able to explain how I could win my case even if I was over the limit. It's really quite simple if you give them a chance. Thank you to the team at MAJ Law.

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Ant Added 1 week ago Report to admin
June 26, 2020 20200626183302



THANK YOU TO MAJ LAW FOR SAVING MY LICENCE. Being accused of a criminal offence is a horrible experience. I was looking at a long disqualification, the loss of my employment, embarrassment to my family and much more. I employed MAJ Law to fight my case because I had nothing to lose. MAJ's fee were quite reasonable in comparison to some firms (which had quoted me £10k with no guarantees). Anyone who speaks to the team at MAJ Law will tell you how talented these people are. They seem to know absolutely everything there is to know about motoring offences. Highly recommended. THANK YOU!!!

Solicitor named in this review: Conor Johnstone

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Sioban Added 1 month ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
May 24, 2020 20200524200540

Highly Rated


I would highly rate MAJ Law and I would recommend them to anyone who needs assistance with a motoring offence. I benefitted from their excellent advice and service. I was charged with a drink driving offence and assumed I would have to plead guilty. I accepted that I was over the legal limit and that I had made a terrible mistake. When I spoke to MAJ Law they told me that I may not have committed a crime even though I was over the legal limit. They had concerns about the police procedure. MAJ law were proven to be correct when the CPS discontinued my case. Thank you to the team at MAJ law.

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Verified Mr Added 1 month ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
May 07, 2020 20200507202147



When I first got charged with drink driving I started researching firms that could help. After many hours online I whittled my decision down to two law firms, who I then decided to call. One firm, based in Manchester, were self-proclaimed 'specialists'. However I didn't get that impression over the phone. It seemed as though they were referring to some kind of script. The tone of the conversation was very 'sales like' - as if they were just trying to take my money. They quoted me £9000...

I then spoke to MAJ Law. From the get-go the conversation flowed. It was immediately clear that they were true specialists. The level of detail they went into was astonishing. They didn't try to persuade me and there was no sales pitch. They were genuinely interested in my case and what I had to say. My mind was made up.

I am delighted with the final outcome. Many months later I am not banned from driving and have learnt a valuable lesson. I am forever grateful for the time and effort that MAJ invested in my case. I would highly recommend this firm.

Solicitor named in this review: Conor Johnstone

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Verified Johan Added 2 months ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
May 02, 2020 20200502215834

Life savers!


I mistakenly instructed a different firm of 'specialist' solicitors to handle my case. I'm not naming names but they were significantly cheaper than MAJ Law (and now I know why). Part way through the case I became increasing concerned about the advice that I was receiving, so I called a couple of other solicitors to 'sound them out'. I ended up speaking to Harry at MAJ Law. He was very intelligent, friendly and clearly knew a lot about motoring offences. He told me things about my case that my existing solicitors had failed to mention. I got a very good feeling about MAJ Law so I transferred my case across. I must say it was the best decision I made. The difference was tangible - they were in contact daily, discussing defences and strategies. I was invited to the office to review the evidence in person. The solicitor dealing with my case noticed errors with the paperwork that no one had previously mentioned. Their service is more expensive than most but it's miles apart. Thank you to the team at MAJ Law. I still have my licence and I'm looking forward to the future.

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Hack Added 2 months ago 5 found this helpful Report to admin
May 02, 2020 20200502195318



I was stopped back in December 2019 and subsequently charged with a serious driving offence. I know nothing about court and have never been in trouble before. As an orthopaedic surgeon it was crucial that I retained my licence. I did a lot of research because I wanted to be sure that I chose the right firm. I read some negative reviews about almost every firm that I found, including MAJ Law. But a quick phone call to the company put my mind at rest. They take a genuine interest in your case.

I was assured that I would not be handed off to a paralegal (after first speaking to the solicitor in charge of the firm) and true to their word I dealt directly with the senior solicitor (Marcus Johnstone).

My case went on for a little longer than I had first anticipated, but I continued to drive during the time so it wasn't a problem. I was also updated regularly by MAJ Law so I knew exactly how the case was progressing. My defence related to the procedure at the police station and the resulting blood test.

I was represented by a superb barrister at court (Simon, I think his name was). He put my nerves to rest immediately and was obviously well respected by the court. He dressed well and oozed class. He walked all over the CPS who eventually discontinued my case. I was also awarded full costs.

I am thrilled with the outcome and owe a lot to MAJ Law and the team. If you're unsure give them a call (the initial advice is free). Thank you.

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Rick Added 2 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
April 30, 2020 20200430124809



Very pleased with the outcome of my case. I was a little uncertain at first because my solicitor was on annual leave. However my case was taken over by David McChrystal who I found to be organised and informative. David saved my licence and I'm thankful for that. Would use their services again.

Solicitor named in this review: David McChrystal

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Julie Added 2 months ago 9 found this helpful Report to admin
April 29, 2020 20200429195533

Please be careful, dont waste your money


The first part is that they tell you that there are possible loopholes in testing for drug driving offences. They highlight that if you appeal you have a good chance as they will check and revoke the results or probe further so the courts do not go ahead. You put your trust in them and pay £2394.00 with the hope that with all their talk and lierature this will help you. It doesn't please see email below and please look at this post review before your decision is made. It will be costly to you if you do not.

Hi Jack,
Would highly recommend that when you instruct a Barrister he understands the client’s case and your understanding of how the courts work with drug driving offenses.

Your comments and literature comment on how test results are held and the concerns of that. The Barrister that was appointed for Callum’s court appearance was not in agreement with your thoughts.

If Callum wanted to plead guilty he could have without your help or cost. The barrister when arrived had no idea what the argument was and after looking at the information then explained to Callum that they have all the evidence. That there was no possible way forward of disputing the evidence. Also informed Callum that your belief with results not being correct was from many years ago.

This is Callum’s first offence and is not working so I doubt the Barrister saved him in of anything of time ban or costs.

Feel to be honest that your company gives false information to lure clients in and Barrister on the day explains that is not the case.

These comments will be put on my review of your Company with the hope that no one else is suckered into your un realistic theory of drug or drink driving.

Kind regards


Be careful and please check other area's of reviews on this company

A representative from MAJ Law Limited responded to this review on 07 May, 2020

Hello Julie. Thank you for your feedback. Callum was convicted because he chose to enter a guilty plea at court. We have to respect the decision of a client and would never force someone to plead not-guilty. The barrister outlined all the potential defences available to Callum and even found fault with the initial evidence against him. Despite this, Callum wanted to plead guilty. The barrister did not persuade him to. It is correct that Callum could have pleaded guilty without our help, but he would have been banned for substantially longer. Callum instructed us because he wanted a specialist barrister to speak on his behalf in court. The barrister was able to persuade the court to impose the shortest possible disqualification. I would suggest the outcome may have been different had Callum attended alone. I spoke to Callum after the hearing and he was very pleased with the outcome. Had Callum chose to plead not-guilty he may well have won the case.

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Connor Added 2 months ago Report to admin
April 28, 2020 20200428192336



A friendly company that obviously understand the importance of communication. Not your usual firm of solicitors and not what I was expecting. I accidentally called Marcus one Sunday afternoon and ended up chatting to him for half an hour! Where else would that happen! I would without hesitation recommend this firm.

Solicitor named in this review: Marcus Johnstone

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Tas Added 2 months ago Report to admin
April 23, 2020 20200423194518

Really pleased with the quality of representation


Really pleased with the quality of representation I received. My solicitor was available by mobile throughout my case. On one occasion I received a call from the police over the weekend. In minutes I was able to speak to my solicitor. Communication makes a massive difference. Would definitely recommend.

As a side note I would also add that I found all the staff at the office to be extremely friendly and enthusiastic. I also dealt with two trainees during my case and they too were extremely helpful.

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We are a leading motoring defence practice that specialise in fighting for motorists nationwide. Challenging motoring offences is at the heart of what we do. We pride ourselves as being the only family-run motoring defence firm in the UK.

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