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12 Customer Reviews


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Elise Added 2 weeks ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
July 20, 2020 20200720174049

A Great Firm


I felt so grateful for having meet Amandeep Kaur Purewal during such a challenging time. She had been a great support as she is knowledgeable and work with efficiency . I have been impressed by Dudley Beal who represented me at the hearing as he was a very good advisor. Thanks to their hard work , my matter had a good outcome.
I really recommend them.

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selly Added 1 month ago Report to admin
July 01, 2020 20200701144256

Parminder is a fantastic solicitor


Parminder Mattoo is a fantastic solicitor and incredibly knowledgeable. She has helped through a very difficult family matter and I would recommend her to anyone who needs a family solicitor.

Solicitor named in this review: Parminder Mattoo

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Carl Added 3 months ago Report to admin
May 04, 2020 20200504110002

Great advice, Very helpful


Great firm, was able to help with my warrant case and able to take it to the right direction and helped me with my case, straightforward with a friendly passion

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Shoaib Added 8 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
December 07, 2019 20191207111417

no professional


I had a very bad experience with MTG solicitors. they are not professional and have no idea how understand the issue. I had my case with Mudassar Saleem who work there as paralegal is the worse person I have ever met in my life, being a solicitor but was struggling to understand simple issue. the funniest thing about him was take him over 6 months just to read a single file. I would not recommend anyone to use their service, these people only care about money nothing else.

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Biniam Added 1 year ago Report to admin
July 09, 2019 20190709210203



I had a very good experience with MTG solicitors. Professional approach always sufficient. Osman Gill was very helpful and helped us win our case. Highly recommend him.

Solicitor named in this review: Osman Gill

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Md Al
Md Al Added 1 year ago Report to admin
June 10, 2019 20190610110641

I appreciate MTG solicitors.


Hi .all. MTG solicitors solve my divorced. And immigration matters. I m very very glad for them work .Pacific miss Rupinder .mr Erald .miss Rani they are very helpful. Many thanks

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Khalil Added 1 year ago Report to admin
May 20, 2019 20190520132551

Much appreciated.


Excellent team, very professional, very highly recommended.

Solicitor named in this review: Rupinder Matharu

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Vladimir Added 1 year ago 6 found this helpful Report to admin
May 16, 2019 20190516153922

Negligent and incompetent!!!


I had the misfortune to instruct a MTG divorce solicitor Parminder Mattoo to represent me at a hearing in the Family Court. Not only did she come unprepared without any written submission, during the hearing she did not raise a single point in my favour while failing to obtain basic undertakings from the other side. Parminder also did not agree the Draft Order with me committing me to unnecessary actions which I had to reverse at the next hearing that had to be held due to her negligence. The incompetence and negligence of this solicitor was beyond description.

Solicitor named in this review: Parminder Mattoo

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Christopher Added 1 year ago Report to admin
May 15, 2019 20190515215443

The fire brand and most compassionate Solicitor


She represented her firm MTG Solicitors with passion and so much vigour keeping my interest as her client at the centre of all representation and proceedings (and I must say there were quite a lot of court hearings) even as trainee and subsequently a Barrister.

She was assigned to my cases Divorce, Child arrangement and immigration matters and she did proved her worth and helped me with best outcomes possible in the circumstances.

I was so impressed with her professionalism right from the first day she represented me at the Brentford county court that I called her the FIRE BRAND NO NONSENSE SOLICITOR from MTG, very protective of her clients, shows compassion and understanding on a case by case basis and I must say I got great legal advises and supports even sometimes when I have the money MTG Solicitors still helped and never turned their back on me whenever I called for advices even if she was busy she still remembers to call me back.

Her name is Rupinder Kaur Matharu.

Thank you so much Rupinder, sincerely I could write a whole book on my experiences on the help, support, care, empathy, friendly and professional touches to my cases and reassurance you gave me throughout my trials.

Thank you MTG Solicitors each one of you ROCK 👍 from reception to the last desk everyone I came in contact with in all those years during my trials from March 2012 to 2015.

Now, I cannot have a complete review of this great legal firm without the mention of IRRAM who I recollected was actually commended by the judge in Feltham magistrate court for her composed nature and professionalism on 11/4/2012 and numerous other solicitors in the firm I can’t remember all their names now but I will pick and recommend MTG Solicitors any day or time.

Chris A

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Anonymous Added 1 year ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
March 30, 2019 20190330210811

Excellent service from Anita Anthony


Anita Anthony is excellent. She has incredible client care and sensibility when dealing with vulnerable individuals and sensitive matters. Skilled and approachable , Anita made sure a very difficult case was supported efficiently and she was very responsive and considered throughout.

I would highly recommend MTG Solicitors on their fixed fees and value for money .

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