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David Added 3 weeks ago Report to admin
November 05, 2020 20201105202413

‘Unfair Dismissal’ Employment case.


We recently acquired the services of Clements Solicitors for an ‘Unfair Dismissal’ employment case.
We initially spoke to the boss “Tom”, who was very helpful and sympathetic, we were appointed our own legal representative - Sunnia Begum.

Sunnia, at that time, was coming to the end of her long years of continuous study to become a qualified solicitor. Throughout the months of careful preparations for our case, Sunnia was nothing short of “outstanding”. At all times she was extremely professional, courteous, and empathetic to our plight, and it was a pleasure to get to know her throughout the duration of our matter.

We would highly recommend the services of Clements Solicitors to anyone looking for any legal help relating to a similar matter to our own one.

Needless to say our own case was successfully finalised in our favour, thanks to the countless hours of hard and meticulous work Sunnia had put in, and we cannot thank Clements Solicitors enough for this.

So thank you Sunnia and Tom, and we wish you every continued success for the future.

Mr D. & Mrs K. Baxter.

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Robert Added 4 months ago Report to admin
July 27, 2020 20200727142038

Professional and Excellent Solicitors


I had used Clements Solicitors since March 2020 during the coronavirus outbreak Lockdown and for the last few months was a very difficult time for me. Tom and Luca and the team was fantastic in keeping me up to date through the whole process. with great knowledge and experience they was very friendly and helpful and I would like to thank you once again I would recommend Tom Clements Solicitors Facing any court is tough enough for most people, it's very upsetting. but With Tom's confidence and reassuring the case was settled. Thank you for your dedication and hard work.

Solicitor named in this review: Tom Clements

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Luke Added 4 months ago Report to admin
July 06, 2020 20200706152546

Excellent Solicitors very professional


I had used Clements Solicitors for 18 months through an extremely difficult time. Now Tom was fantastic through the process but I must mention the huge highlight out of the 18 months was Sunnia she was amazing, very professional as I cannot praise her highly enough. From my experience from start to finish the whole case was dealt with care and passion and Tom with great knowledge and experience and as I mentioned Sunnia was absolutely outstanding as cannot applaud Tom and Sunnia enough through what was an extremely difficult time in my life and the whole process was dealt with much compassion and dedication that I highly recommend Clements Solicitors and thank you once again Tom and especially Sunnia for you much dedicated and hard work over the 18 months thank you.

Solicitor named in this review: Tom Clements

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J Added 7 months ago Report to admin
April 22, 2020 20200422091946

Professional and proactive


Excellent, professional and great at updating on progress. I would thoroughly recommend Tom and his team.

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Jackie Added 10 months ago Report to admin
January 24, 2020 20200124184543

Brilliant company... Without a doubt!


My friend had to face a tough tribunal case this week 21st January 2020. I was her support, but Tom Clements was the solicitor she decided...and rightly so... to choose. He was very friendly, helpful, reassuring and talked in well understood 'layman's terms'... Facing any court is tough enough for most people, but when we knew my friend was not not in the wrong, it's very upsetting. With Tom's confidence and reassuring, the case was won in my friend's favour. Thank you very much Clements Solicitors, of Ipswich. I will recommend you now and always will.

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