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3 Customer Reviews


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Todor Added 5 months ago 5 found this helpful Report to admin
February 09, 2019 20190209083038

Totally incompetent bunch


The most unreliable, incompetent and unprofessional company I've ever come across (especially the person that handled my case - Mrs JG from the Middleton office). Only weeks after completion was I told that I should've carried out "my own inspection" on the heating system prior to completion as the sellers had not been able to provide boiler service history. She was so insistent on me providing that document but apparently the same doesn't apply to my sellers (I now wonder who she was working for?!). Thanks to you I purchased a house with a dysfunctional heating system in the winter and had to put my family with two infants in that house. The company is so buried in paper, bureaucracy and lingo that you'd be unreasonable to expect them to get anything done in time. I had to intervene on multiple occasions and just go and chase my buyers and sellers solicitors myself otherwise my solicitor was just sitting and waiting in a deadlock for months and months.

During my dealings with them I had to make two formal complaints to my solicitors supervisors to neither one of which I received a response. They we simply ignored as the rest of my correspondence. That just shows you that there's really no hope there.

She even forgot that I had a Help To Buy Equity loan on the property I was selling and had I not pointed that out she was going to attempt to redeem my loan but not with the correct amount. I wonder if that could've led to further delays or even the whole thing falling through especially when the the person that was purchasing off me was already so sick of all the delays that they'd threatened to walk away "if it doesn't happen this time". Phew, that was a close one!

On the times I had no nerves left to sit and wait for a response to my emails and just went to their office to ask for an update my solicitor had to "go to the computer" to look up my file! They are dinosaurs and will disappear as such!

Solicitor being reviewed: Jeanette Carol Groark

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David Added 8 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin This review is for a different branch.
November 23, 2018 20181123123833



The service was very supportive and helpful throughout.

It was excellent and I would recommend anyone to get in touch with the team.

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Anonymous Added 2 years ago 14 found this helpful Report to admin This review is for a different branch.
July 31, 2016 20160731192951

Russell & Russell Solicitors.


It's all about money, no real care and consideration.

Russell & Russell Solicitors do a great deal of marketing regarding Power of Attorney work and special services for the elderly.

They publish accreditations regarding work with the elderly and what makes it far worse is we were advised to use this firm by Social Services . We will be submitting a full and detailed complaint so they no longer recommend this firm.

So far the service we have received has been all about how much money Russell & Russell can make for themselves 'down the line' and most definitely not in the best interests for a vulnerable person.

The service given so far is most definitely NOT in the best interests of the people they are 'supposed ' to be helping.

Anyone thinking about using Russell & Russell Solicitors are advised to stay well away. They are not interested in resolving issues, just making money.

We are now logging complaints with all of the relevant organisations and will run our story in the local press and national press to highlight the terrible service provided by Russell & Russell and warn others to stay well away.

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