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6 Customer Reviews


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Paul Added 8 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
May 11, 2018 20180511175801

Incredibly helpful and personal service


Recently asked the company to represent me on two occasions with regards my daughters Ex-boyfriend stalker the company charged me nothing because the case was dropped prior to court. The amount of work involved in the 3 visits to the office was deserved of several hundred pounds. I personally received 5 or 6 return calls from Nigel Scullion personally about the cases that never went ahead and excellent calming advice and case options and outcomes that may prevail helped my family cope with the situation. I Have looked at all the negative reviews before posting this comment and conclude that with the volume of work they take on that only the unhappy complain. If they asked people to post positive reviews then their star rating would be 4 or 5 rating. This family run business do not boast about their successful cases in which. I believe are many.

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George Added 8 months ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
April 27, 2018 20180427221605

Turned ‘unfortunate’ into ‘disaster’


Initially given poor advice regarding a plea, followed a single route for my defence and when that failed I was told I was ‘’ rather than work on a different strategy, didn’t turn up at court until the day of sentencing to put up a defence by which point the judge had made up his mind then, to cap it all off, refused to represent me in an appeal as I plead guilty (which was the poor advice I was given in the first place).

These guys came highly recommended to me as the ‘go to guys’ for road related incidents and my case was not a particularly difficult one, or so it seemed. Scullion somehow managed to turn a ‘You probably won’t even be charged as it was clearly an accident’ (Police Scotland) into ‘You are very lucky to be avoiding a custodial sentence’ (Sheriff). The conpany often failed to reply to eMails and, even when they contacted me to travel 30 miles to them, still left me sitting about for 40 mins as they’d ‘forgotten’ I was meeting with them. Added to this, I only saw the lawyer who was representing me twice over the 4 court appearances and the year build up to the case, the whole thing was poorly run.

Would not recommend these guys at all.

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Anonymous Added 1 year ago 14 found this helpful Report to admin
April 06, 2017 20170406201639

Shocking service!


We have recently used this firm for conveyancing purposes to sell our house and buy another and the service was shocking. They pride themselves on "open communication" but this was sadly lacking, allowing us to organise our moves around an agreed date and then telling us a few days before that neither would happen. This was in spite of our numerous efforts repeatedly requesting updates and allowing us to believe all was in order. If you are unfortunate enough to engage their services, our advice is to follow up every telephone conversation with an email, confirming exactly what has been discussed. We complained to one of their directors who responded by insisting we sign a mandate relinquishing them of any malpractice, and increasing our fees for the privilege! Their Customer Services Manager has simply chosen to ignore us. Your Move recommended them and, having reviewed our emails, advised us to report them to the Law Society. This is now in hand.

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Honest Added 2 years ago 15 found this helpful Report to admin
November 02, 2016 20161102145223

Think twice before choosing this firm for house purchase


I have given one star because couldn't find lesser than that here. My experience using this firm was not great because of following surprises and case mismanagement subsequently.

1. When you check solicitor quotes from price comparison websites i received £900 from this firm so i selected them as my legal conveyancer but as soon as case progressed they have increased their fees to £1100. Please be advised that there were no extra search they have to carry out which justifies increase in fees.

2. whenever i called them, my phones went to receptionists and then straight to voice mail. I have to call receptionist again to explain my situation only then my phone was answered.

3. There was not active follow up regarding progress of my case and every time I have to either email them or call them to update myself regarding what's going on.

4. Always slow in passing on information from other parties which explains why i have to call and email them for active follow up

5. Even though i have transferred necessary amount to their account for house purchase they couldn't transfer it in time. Electronic transfer only takes minutes to transfer but for some strange reason, Its way more complicated for them. Because of this I have to arrange temporary extension with estate agent which was dreadful when you have family to take care and support. Put it in simple words "I was left homeless for their lethargic actions!!"

6. I never complained and keep calm until after one month of house move they have further deducted some money from my bank siting error in their cash statement, this point I lost my patience and came here to write.

I am not a fan of writing reviews online but in this case my conscience compelled me write this as people needs to know about how bad practices are here which leaves bad taste in mouth in the end. Only thing i wanted or requested was transparency in services which i never got. I would recommend to use others if you can however final choice is yours. You can always email back to me in case you have more questions, I will be happy to answer.

Thank you.

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George Added 1 year ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin This review is for a different branch.
February 23, 2017 20170223172153

True profesionals


They resolved my case quickly and inexpensively. They always appeared in court early and ten times more prepared than the other solictors. We won a very complicated case and I would recommend them to anyone.

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Sophie Added 1 year ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin This review is for a different branch.
February 19, 2017 20170219141836

finance result


I had massive amounts of student loans with interest accumulated and no ability to pay back the monthly amounts they wanted, so therefore during my time of need my prayers were answered!

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