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68 Client Reviews


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Bernhard Added 7 months ago 3 found this helpful Report to admin
September 09, 2020 20200909105022

Very professional in any aspects of dealing with my case


I first contacted Chris after the death of my partner. Chris is and was very helpful, giving me very clear and usefull information about my case.

He always is very fast in answering my questions in a clear and professional manner. The phone calls with him were uplifting at a very difficult time. He was very understanding and also comforting in the hard times I am going through.

Chris is very engaged and acts very professional in any aspects of dealing with my case.

I recommend him and his team to everyone.

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Charles Added 7 months ago 6 found this helpful Report to admin
August 31, 2020 20200831125016

Unprofessional & Untrustworthy


Matter Type: Inheritance Tax



I contacted "solicitor" Chris Holten of Slee Blackwell Solicitors LLP in June 2020 for professional advice concerning a serious legal matter - Mr Holten was very slow to offer any serious professional help,advice,guidance - he only seemed interested in getting money himself from me and offering nothing or little in return - being extremely vague and "cagey" - I had to keep sending him emails and leaving messages before he bothered to reply - his communication skills are very poor for a so called "professional" -initially advised me that he might represent my interests on a "no fee no win basis" as my claim amounts to hundreds of thousands of pounds - I sent him extensive written documentation with 100% proof of my claim however he then demanded I send him £450 having undertaken "nothing" - I finally reached him on the phone ( i record all my calls ) and he told that he "worked" only for 80% of all the money he would win for my claim on a no win no fee basis ! - this is an absolute rip off ! - I advised him that other solicitors I had contacted to discus my claim had never asked me for more than 25% of an claim that was successful - also as soon as i proved to him and contradicted his own words that that one aspect of my claim was worth more than £100k than he thought he was extremely rude to me as I had proved his incompetence and contradicted everything he said - he did not like that at all and refused to listen to me THE CLIENT ! - HE THEN PUT THE PHONE DOWN ON ME - for proving him wrong - my advice to anyone dealing with this individual is to be extremely careful. AVOID.Unprofessional & Untrustworthy. IF THIS REVIEW IS REMOVED I WILL RE POST IT AND POST IT EVERYWHERE I CAN ON THE INTERNET - AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE NEED TO BE MADE AWARE OF THIS ROGUE SOLICITOR INDIVIDUAL.

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beijhan Added 10 months ago 3 found this helpful Report to admin
June 12, 2020 20200612145639

Administration of Estate


Kept making excuses had to be prompted to carry out tasks final estate accounts were wrong had to be pointed out to them then re submitted to residuary legacies. They then dragged their heals on making payments. Important items that they were notified of they had a bad attitude to investigating.

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Ruth Added 1 year ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
April 08, 2020 20200408115954

Personal Injury Claim ref Childhood Abuse


Matter Type: No Win No Fee

We have only the highest praise for Rachel Thain who has guided us through a complex personal
injury case. She provided an exceiient professional service whilst ensuring that the issues concerned were treated sensitively. Rachel communicated effectively and any queries were answered promptly with full explanations. From the first contact with Rachel I was aware that I had found a solicitor who although no promises could be made would do her utmost to achieve
a positive outcome. The case was successfully completed after two years of diligent work by Rachel and much appreciated considerate support throughout.

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Stephen Added 1 year ago Report to admin
March 09, 2020 20200309180554

Elizabeth Duncan. Personal Injury


Matter Type: Accident At Work

Elizabeth has qualities that I think mark her out as exceptional instead of just good. She is very easy to talk to, and just as importantly, easy to listen to! Elizabeth explains everything in a way that is easy to understand, and never tires of my endless questions. She obtains clarification on any aspects of the experts reports on my injury, and works really my behalf. I'm really pleased Elizabeth working for me with this injury, and would have no hesitation in recommending her, or Slee Blackwell. If you want great legal assistance, then look no further.

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Barry Added 1 year ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
March 08, 2020 20200308190224

Slee Blackwell LLP Taunton - Inheritance Claim Defence.


Matter Type: Inheritance Act claims

My Solicitor was Mr Chris Green, who I can only describe as being the most highly efficient and detail orientated legal professional that I have ever had the pleasure to meet and be supported by as a client. He was highly knowledgeable in terms of legal defence and totally resilient and tenacious at all times; always conscious of achieving the highest quality client care support throughout.

The case was made more and more frustrating by a totally uneducated opposition solicitor and a stubborn, awkward, difficult, uncooperative and agressive claimant.

Chris Green's calm tenacious approach, with endless persistence, enthusiasm and passion always shone throughout every day of my case. A real asset to the firm.

It was a real honour to be supported by him, and the ultimate result was a strong damage limitation to the legal claim that was made against the estate.

I would definitely recommend Slee Blackwell LLP Taunton at all times, based purely on the excellent service received from Chris Green personally in my case.

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Rachel Added 1 year ago Report to admin
March 06, 2020 20200306140455



Elizabeth Duncan of Slee Blackwell worked tirelessly in my behalf. Always approachable, empathetic and happy to answer all of my questions, communication and explanations were all good. We had a decent outcome for my case and I would definitely use them again as well as highly recommend them.

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Paramjit Added 1 year ago 3 found this helpful Report to admin
March 06, 2020 20200306131914

Wills, Trusts & Probate - Disputed Probate


Matter Type: Disputed Probate

Slee Blackwell -Chris Holten, Taunton Office, was superb in handling our probate dispute. He was very knowledgeable in his field and very patient in explaining the legal process in laymen’s terms to my family & I. He navigated us through the complex process of contesting probate with a difficult non engaged party. He kept us informed and remained fully engaged with my family & I through areas of mediation, pre trial & trial resulting in a positive outcome. He is someone who is honest, reliable and who looked out for our best interests throughout this journey. Being part of Slee Blackwell allowed him to pull in other key resources on an as required basis if solicitors from different legal disciplines were required to support our case. I would recommend Chris Holten / Slee Blackwell.

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Kirsty Added 1 year ago Report to admin
March 05, 2020 20200305164617

Superb Service


Matter Type: Residential Conveyancing

Slee Blackwell faultlessly managed the conveyancing for the sale of my home, it wasn’t straight forward as I had money tied up in trust and it was an emotional sale for me. The staff were kind and compassionate and communicated brilliantly at every step of the way. I can’t fault their professionalism. I would highly recommend them and wouldn’t hesitate to seek their services should I require them in the future.

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Jasmine Added 1 year ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
March 05, 2020 20200305163600

Great service


Matter Type: Car Accident

I used Slee Blackwell for an RTA. The personal injury department were very knowledgeable and friendly.

I was very happy with how quickly my claim was dealt with and the result that they achieved on my behalf.

I would highly recommend Slee Blackwell.

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